Ceramic Implants International No 2 2020

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ceramic implants international No. 2, 2020

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ceramic implants international No. 2, 2020

Cover / Editorial / Content / Clinical application of zirconia implants - Results from comparative studies / Silent inflammation in the jaw and neurological dysregulation / Biological guided bone regeneration and ceramic implants - The second of a two-part series / Zirconium-dioxide as preferred material for dental implants - A narrative review: Part I / Single-tooth restoration using an all-ceramic implant solution - Inserting a two-piece implant in the anterior region / Ceramic versus titanium implants - Three-year follow-up and a split mouth study / Ceramic implants: an alternative or a primary choice? - Clinical aspects and operating procedures / Industry / Manufacturer News / Dental implants rethought / Laser-assisted prophylaxis around zirconia implants / Foundations for the future laid at members’ meeting of ISMI / News / Imprint /