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Ivoclar Vivadent: The Fascination of layering – Oliver Brix 2 day course

April 02, 2020 - April 03, 2020, United Kingdom - Leicester

Ivoclar Vivadent: The Fascination of layering – Oliver Brix 2 day course

Oliver Brix presents: All-ceramic restorations that can no longer be distinguished from the natural tooth structure areincreasingly being demanded by patients as well as dentists.

The dental technicians objective should not be to create artificially white orunnaturally regular rows of teeth, but a natural and harmonious overall impression. In brief, to recreate the kind of teeth that areindistinguishable from genuine ones and that are perfectly integrated into the patient's mouth.

In order to achieve this aim Oliver Brix exclusively uses all-ceramic solutions for all of his restorative work. The high-strengthall ceramic materials, are similar to natural teeth in terms of translucency, this allows us to perform reconstructions that are close tonature. Such technical procedures also require the greatest care and skill, as well as the use of state-of-the-art dental technology. Onlythe utmost attention to detail and the highest aesthetic standards allow for harmonious results. The challenge to the dental technician isof copying nature, achieving shade harmony and creating dental restorations of the highest aesthetic level. Even in the era ofdigitalisation, the individual layering technique of dental ceramics remains the method of choice for copying nature. The opportunity fordental technicians to attend this ceramic workshop offers the possibility to gain invaluable information, tips and tricks for thesuccessful manufacture of high aesthetic restorations made from all ceramics.

ICDE, Leicester
Compass Building
Feldspar Close
Enderby, Leicester, LE194SD
United Kingdom


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