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10 percent discount on the European Dental Trade Survey

A discount is now available for the 2016 Survey. (Image: ADDE)


Fri. 16. December 2016


With the 2016 Survey on the European Dental Trade, ADDE has been proud to have compiled yet another comprehensive market study with the most relevant topics and trends concerning the European dental industry, including the number of customers and end-users, sales values for main product categories, information on the use of computers and e-commerce, sales segments and distribution channels. Non-members will now get a 10 per cent discount when they use the promotion code “EuropeanMarketSurvey2016” on the ADDE website www.adde.info

Produced in collaboration with the Federation of the European Dental Industry (FIDE), the report indicates a rapid shift towards digital dentistry, manifesting in an overall trend towards a more global approach with an increase of group practices and consolidations. Fortunately, the total number of practising dentists grew slightly compared to 2014 (in all countries excluding Sweden, Hungary, Denmark and Bulgaria which were not analysed) and totalled about 250,000 persons in Europe in 2015.

For ADDE/FIDE members, the cost per one issue will be 65 €, while non-members can purchase the study for 260 €. Non-members will now receive a 10 per cent discount with the promotion code “EuropeanMarketSurvey2016”.

If you are interested in obtaining the latest survey figures (2016), the 2017 survey will be published in March 2017 during the International Dental Show in Cologne. As with previous studies, the document will be available for purchase on our website as a hard copy and as a PDF to download.

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