AEEDC Dubai 2022: A success despite the challenges

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AEEDC Dubai 2022: A success despite challenging circumstances


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At the 26th UAE International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition, several records were broken. (Image: DTI)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Thu. 10. February 2022


DUBAI, UAE: Despite the continuing challenges of the pandemic, the 26th UAE International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition (AEEDC Dubai) has been the most successful conference to date, the organisers said. The three-day event generated a record-breaking US$3.9 billion in trade deals and was attended by 66,000 participants.

In a press release, Dr Abdul Salam al-Madani, executive chairman of AEEDC Dubai and the Global Scientific Dental Alliance and chairman of event organiser INDEX Holding, stated: “We are proud of the successes generated by the event over the years, which reflect the UAE’s role in creating new opportunities for global industries and the support it has extended to the growth and innovation of the international medical sector.”

Dr al-Madani explained that the volume of direct and subsidiary deals of US$3.9 billion reaffirmed the event’s importance to the global dental industry. “These deals, which were struck between participating companies, health institutions, clinics and hospitals, were driven by market demand for innovation and the growth in public and private sector budgets for serving health services and disease prevention requirements, especially after the challenges experienced by health and medical institutions during the pandemic,” he explained.

The event having sold out this year, there was plenty of potential for new collaborations between different segments, and excitement for next year’s congress in February is already building. “The 26th session of AEEDC Dubai witnessed an incredible turnout from all over the world. The event has impressed everyone by exceeding the expectations of the global medical community, which has encouraged them to book larger exhibition space for next year,” noted Dr al-Madani.

Commenting on the importance of the event’s impact on the healthcare sector both locally and internationally, Dr al-Madani said, “Governments across the world have realised that health and medical institutions are vital to the economy and society and must be developed with state-of-the-art approaches, equipment and continuing education for administrative, medical and technical staff. The pandemic showed us the importance of raising the sector’s preparedness to face all challenges.”

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