Italy—Guest of Honour for AEEDC Dubai 2022

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Italy—Guest of Honour for AEEDC Dubai 2022


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Italy's history of dental innovation and longstanding position as a supplier of dental products to the UAE has seen it welcomed as the Guest of Honour at AEEDC Dubai 2022. (Image: IgorZh/Shutterstock)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Tue. 1. February 2022


DUBAI, UAE: Italy—known as il bel paese, the “beautiful country”—is officially the Guest of Honour for AEEDC Dubai 2022. Over 4,800 international brands will be on display during AEEDC Dubai 2022 with pavilions from 22 different countries, the largest of these being those from Italy, the US, Germany, Brazil, China, France, Spain and South Korea. Speakers from around the world will oversee 208 scientific sessions and 14 workshops, and 15 Italian speakers will present topics related to dentistry and oral health.

As one of the leading nations manufacturing high-quality dental equipment in the world—and as a country with an extensive history of supporting AEEDC Dubai—Italy is the number one supplier of dental equipment to the UAE, and has over one-third of the market share. Italian companies export dental hygiene products and special furniture for medicine, surgery and dentistry worth more than €15 million to the UAE annually.

Dr Abdul Salam al-Madani, executive chairman of AEEDC Dubai and of the Global Scientific Dental Alliance, and chairman of INDEX Holding—the staging company for AEEDC Dubai—commented: “We are extremely delighted to have Italy as the Guest of Honour this year. It continuously provides unlimited support to AEEDC Dubai and to the UAE as a whole. Its innovative outlook on science and technology in dentistry has helped pave the way for improved methods of diagnosis and treatment. We’re honoured to have it continue this success with us on a larger platform and we all look forward to its central presence this year.”

“Italy has long set an excellent example of dental innovations and exhibiting breakthrough technology for the betterment of dentists and patients alike,” said Dr Tariq al-Khoury, the honorary chairman of AEEDC Dubai.

“We are thrilled to have it as the Guest of Honour this year, for we know that it will lead the drive in sharing brilliant scientific data and innovation,” he added.

The Italian Dental Industry Association (UNIDI), which gathers together the best Italian manufacturers of equipment and consumables for dentists and dental technicians, has actively contributed to the growth of the Italian dental industry for over 50 years. UNIDI, which promotes “made in Italy” products, will be a significant presence during AEEDC Dubai 2022, representing more than 100 Italian companies that provide products that are compliant with the requirements laid out by the European Union.

“Italy has long set an excellent example of dental innovations and exhibiting breakthrough technology for the betterment of dentists and patients alike” – Dr Tariq al-Khoury, AEEDC Dubai honorary chairman

“Being guests of honour at AEEDC is a source of great satisfaction for us,” said Gianfranco Berrutti, president of UNIDI.

He continued: “Italy, UNIDI (the association that I lead) and Expodental Meeting (the trade fair we organise) are working hard so that together we can overcome the most serious world crisis of this century. Being here again in Dubai represents an important restart for us, an alliance with a country and a trade fair that are our friends and, together with us, are starting again.”

Luigi Fanin, president of the Italian events and trade show organiser Promunidi, commented: “The Italian companies exhibiting here in Dubai showcase the best of our dental production. The UNIDI participation is the largest in AEEDC 2022 and demonstrates our determination to restart our sector.”

Italians have a long history of exceptional dental hygiene dating back to the Romans, who had very little access to raw sugar and maintained a well-balanced and healthy diet that included mostly fruits and vegetables. It continues to be obvious today that Italy shows evidence of good dental hygiene and that this has transcended into offering valuable scientific information and innovative technology to the world.

Apart from UNIDI, more than 50 companies will also be exhibiting in the Italian Pavilion, and support will be given by the Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Key supporters for AEEDC Dubai 2022 also include the Dubai Health Authority, Global Scientific Dental Alliance, Arab Dental Federation and the Executive Board of the Health Ministers Council for Gulf Cooperation Council States.

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