AEEDC Dubai has transcended boundaries

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“AEEDC Dubai has transcended boundaries”

This year, AEEDC Dubai is set to impress with a remarkable gathering of over 3,924 exhibitors showcasing 5,328 international brands. (Image: INDEX Holding)

AEEDC Dubai is about to reach its 28th milestone and stands as a beacon of knowledge transfer, collaboration and innovation in the dental world. Under the theme “Leading the dental world into the future”, AEEDC Dubai 2024 is set to be a hub of cutting-edge dental technology and education and will offer an enriching blend of scientific sessions, workshops and interactive experiences. Anas al-Madani, vice chairman and group CEO of INDEX Holding, the organising company behind the event, believes that the Middle Eastern region’s exponential growth in the dental industry is a great testament to the event’s success and is excited to take further steps towards global market expansion with Germany as the guest of honour at this year’s event.

Mr al-Madani, AEEDC Dubai has been growing every year. How is the event going today?
AEEDC Dubai 2024 promises to emerge as the pre-eminent and most distinguished edition to date within the global dentistry landscape. As we approach the 28th AEEDC Dubai, I am excited to share some of the prominent features that make this edition truly extraordinary. AEEDC Dubai has evolved into an essential cornerstone within the dental community, uniting dentists, dental technicians, other industry professionals, innovators and thought leaders from across the globe.

Our unwavering commitment at AEEDC Dubai remains centred around the convergence of minds. We seek to not only facilitate networking but also catalyse positive transformations within the dental industry, thereby advancing collective knowledge. We firmly believe that by nurturing collaboration, acknowledging innovation and fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge, we can not only enhance the standards of patient care and oral health but also redefine the boundaries of what is achievable in the realm of dentistry.

This year, the AEEDC Dubai exhibition will feature 5,328 international brands represented by 3,924 exhibitors, totalling an exceptional international participation rate of 88%. The amalgamation of international expertise, industry representation and a diverse array of scientific activities underscores AEEDC Dubai 2024 as an unparalleled platform for the exchange of ideas, the fostering of innovation and the pursuit of excellence in dentistry.

Anas al-Madani, vice chairman and group CEO of INDEX Holding. (Image: INDEX Holding)

The Middle Eastern region is now a major participant in the dental industry. What significant advancements has the region experienced in recent years?
In recent years, the Middle Eastern region has witnessed notable advancements that have contributed to its substantial growth. One of the key indicators of this progress is the dental care market, which is projected to reach US$2.54 billion(∼€2.33 billion) by 2030, from US$1.44 billion in 2022, constituting a commendable compound annual growth rate of 7.4% during the forecast period.

AEEDC Dubai is a pivotal contributor to this upward path and has evolved into a highly anticipated event, serving as a catalyst for innovation within the dental industry. Participating companies strategically leverage AEEDC Dubai to introduce their latest advancements and products.

The Middle Eastern region has experienced significant advancements in various facets of dental care, and there is a noticeable emphasis on technology integration, patient-centric approaches and a growing commitment to oral health awareness. The convergence of these factors has not only elevated the standards of dental care in the Middle East but also positioned the region as a hub for cutting-edge developments in the global dental industry.

AEEDC Dubai has transcended boundaries, reaching dental professionals not only in the Middle East and North Africa region but also across South East Asia, Central Asia and elsewhere in Africa. This international outreach makes AEEDC Dubai the ultimate melting pot of diverse expertise and innovation in dentistry from all parts of the world.

Germany was announced as the guest of honour at AEEDC Dubai 2024. How important is this collaboration for the European and Middle Eastern markets?
The global dental and oral health industry is set to make an extraordinary impact this coming year with Germany being the guest of honour at AEEDC Dubai 2024. Germany has had a long-standing position at AEEDC Dubai as a major contributor to innovative technology and enhanced treatment methods. We appreciate the valuable contributions the German dental industry has made over the years and are delighted to have Germany as guest of honour this year. Over 100 German companies are actively participating at AEEDC Dubai, acknowledging the event’s importance.

Having Germany as the guest of honour will help introduce and promote German products globally, thus boosting the country’s market share. It will help place a major spotlight on German brands and products throughout the exhibition and highlight the country’s contributions to the global dental industry, which spans more than 100 years.

“Our unwavering commitment at AEEDC Dubai remains centred around the convergence of minds.”

This year’s theme for AEEDC Dubai is “Leading the dental world into the future”. What can attendees expect from it?
The theme emphasises our commitment as organisers to the scientific side of AEEDC Dubai and creates a dynamic platform for not only imparting valuable knowledge but also facilitating the seamless transfer of innovative ideas within the dental community. The exhibition will showcase cutting-edge innovations and advancements in dental technology. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to explore and interact with the latest products and services that are reshaping the landscape of dentistry.

The AEEDC Dubai Conference theme for this year is “Education and innovation transfer”. Attendees can anticipate a comprehensive range of educational sessions, meticulously curated to cover the latest advancements, research findings and best practices in the field of dentistry. This year’s programme features 155 esteemed international speakers, 157 scientific sessions, 12 engaging forums, 25 immersive workshops and 133 poster presentations, offering not only scientific research and knowledge but also hands-on experience for participants to engage with the latest tools, techniques and technologies. These scientific activities are designed to promote skill development and provide practical insights that can be applied in real-world dental practice.

What other prominent highlights can dental professionals look forward to?
Our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience goes beyond the expected. This year, we have curated an array of surprises and novel activities that underscore our dedication to keeping the event fresh, dynamic and truly enriching for our esteemed participants.

There will be live demonstrations of emerging technologies, surprise guest speakers and panel discussions, networking sessions, exclusive product launches and exhibitor showcases, awards, a start-up area, an education corner, a partners’ district and an oral care concourse. Our team has prepared an assortment of meticulously curated surprises that we are eager to unveil, aiming to captivate attendees’ interest and make their participation at AEEDC Dubai 2024 more memorable.

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