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Biohit expands distribution to dental industry

By Dental Tribune International
July 09, 2015

HELSINKI, Finland: With a new business partner, Finnish health care company Biohit has expanded into the dental industry. As of June, the company’s Acetium lozenges are distributed by Hammasväline, one of Finland’s leading suppliers of dental care products.

In an agreement that came into force on 1 June, Biohit granted pharmaceutical wholesaler Oriola exclusive rights for the distribution of the company’s Acetium products in Finland. Oriola, in turn, supplies the Acetium lozenges to Hammasväline.

Biohit’s lozenges are intended to protect the mouth by binding acetaldehyde dissolved in saliva during smoking and alcohol consumption. Acetaldehyde is the most significant carcinogen in cigarette smoke.

“Poor oral hygiene together with smoking increases the amount of acetaldehyde in the mouth. With Acetium lozenges, it is possible to eliminate the acetaldehyde dissolved in saliva almost completely. Biohit’s Acetium lozenges fit well into our selection of oral health-promoting products,” Hammasväline’s marketing manager, Hannele Nokia, stated.

Biohit is a biotechnology company established in 1988. The company is headquartered in Helsinki and has subsidiaries in Italy and the UK.

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