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BIOLASE and DCA plan to expand laser adoption in dental offices


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Over the past few years, lasers have been established as effective tools in the modern dental practice. (Image: Ocskay Mark/Shutterstock)


Fri. 15. January 2021


IRVINE, Calif., U.S.: The dental laser innovator BIOLASE has announced an agreement with Dental Care Alliance (DCA), one of the largest dental support organizations in the U.S. with more than 330 affiliated practices in 20 states. With this joint effort, they aim to expand laser adoption and hands-on training programs in targeted geographical areas.

As released in a press statement at the beginning of the week, BIOLASE expects the agreement to lead to a rollout across all DCA offices in 2021. This would mean that the adoption of BIOLASE’s products, such as the Epic X and Epic Hygiene, which Dr. Don Gallo, chief clinical officer for DCA, considers “the standard of care in the dental industry”, will improve various treatment outcomes, including hygiene appointments and the addressing of early onset periodontal disease. “We are excited about the prospect of providing aerosol-free, less invasive soft-tissue procedures, thereby creating a superior patient experience,” Gallo said.

Todd Norbe, BIOLASE president and CEO, added: “Our industry-leading dental lasers allow us to properly service a customer like DCA, and by reducing aerosols in dental offices we believe we can improve the safety of its office staff and patients. The demand for Epic X and Epic Hygiene lasers is rising, and this year alone we have sold over 100 systems to DCA. We are excited to be partnering with DCA as they continue to roll out our Epic lasers across their U.S. offices.”

With DCA, one of the largest multibranded dental support organizations in the U.S., BIOLASE has found a competent and well-networked partner in providing patients with a wide range of dental services. Dentists and their staff will also benefit from the partnership by gaining growth opportunities and clinical autonomy.

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