New generation of dental biomaterials launched by botiss

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New generation of dental biomaterials launched by botiss


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Through the introduction of the NOVAMag product line, botiss is now the number one provider in the field of biodegradable magnesium in the European dental industry. (Image: botiss biomaterials)
botiss biomaterials

By botiss biomaterials

Sun. 30. May 2021


BERLIN, Germany: Leading the innovation of dental materials, botiss biomaterials provides dentists with the ultimate choice in biomaterials. With the first dental magnesium implants to receive the CE mark, botiss has brought a breakthrough technology into the field of dentistry. The launch of the NOVAMag regeneration system provides an option for those dentists seeking a biomaterial that is mechanically strong yet completely resorbable and is replaced with bone over time.

In a revolutionary leap forward in the world of regenerative dentistry, botiss has reached for the stars in its inspiration for developing the next generation of dental materials. Released by stars during supernova explosions as well as naturally occurring on earth, magnesium is a material with an ideal mix of properties suited for tissue regeneration.

Initiated by one of the leading experts in the field, Prof. Frank Witte, and supported by strong collaborations with scientific institutes in Germany, such as Charité—Universitätsmedizin Berlin, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Dresden and the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon in Geesthacht, as well as a network of other leading global interdisciplinary scientists and dental professionals, the NOVAMag regeneration system has undergone extensive testing. Numerous biomechanical in vitro and in vivo studies as well as biocompatibility and toxicological studies have been performed that have established the safety and efficacy of the NOVAMag devices.

The NOVAMag regeneration system is comprised of the NOVAMag membrane and NOVAMag fixation screws and is intended to be used for augmentation procedures in the alveolar ridge. The NOVAMag membrane is a magnesium membrane, and NOVAMag fixation screws come in a set of magnesium fixation screws in different sizes that can be used for the fixation of barrier membranes and bone blocks. The unique features of the NOVAMag product line offer the patient a minimally invasive procedure, as the implants do not need to be removed in a second surgery. This also benefits dental professionals by cutting down on chair time.

Starting from the second quarter of 2021, selected clinicians will have a unique opportunity to participate in national and international post-market clinical follow-up activities. Through close collaboration with outstanding clinicians, botiss will consolidate its claim to dental professionalism.

More information about NOVAMag can be found here.

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