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Curaden becomes an industry partner of the ITI

Curaden has partnered with the International Team for Implantology in a move that will see the two entities work closely together in the areas of education and recognition. (Image: fizkes/Shutterstock)


Thu. 17. November 2022


KRIENS, Switzerland: Two major forces in dental care and training are coming together to deliver a strong impact worldwide. Curaden, a global leader in oral hygiene and prevention, and the International Team for Implantology (ITI) have entered into an agreement to work closely together in the areas of education and recognition.

Curaden is a leading global provider of holistic oral health concepts. For more than 65 years, the company has been known for its prevention-focused oral care products and solutions and has invested extensively and continually in training and education. Through this partnership, Curaden is strengthening its core competence in prophylaxis beyond its own efforts.

The ITI is a leading academic organisation promoting evidence-based education and research in implant dentistry. Over more than 40 years, it has built a reputation for scientific rigour combined with concern for the welfare of patients. Together, these partners, who have signed a sponsorship agreement, seek to make greater advances in dental prevention and care.

Curaden is one of the first sponsoring partners in a new ITI initiative aimed at building longer-term relationships with a select group of companies in the industry. According to the company, it will work closely with the ITI for an initial period of three years, focusing on ITI congresses as well as the provision of educational materials to the ITI community in its field of expertise.

“This global ITI initiative is based on a modular sponsorship approach that allows us to address the individual needs of our sponsors,” said ITI President Dr Charlotte Stilwell. “It represents a mutually beneficial, longer-term commitment made by carefully selected companies that share similar educational and scientific evidence-based principles to the ITI. We are delighted to welcome Curaden on board.”

“For Curaden, this new collaboration is a big step in the right direction,” said Curaden owner and CEO Ueli Breitschmid. “It will further develop our global network and strengthen the influence we already have as a unique player in the drive for prevention-oriented thinking. Maintenance is an important topic, for Curaden and for the ITI—it is where we can focus a lot of our expertise. We will benefit from each other especially in education and recognisability—worldwide.”

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