AVOLA and Curaden agree on partnership

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AVOLA Declaration Association and Curaden agree on partnership for advancement of global health

Dr Ana Stevanović, Curaden’s education manager, and Marcel Scacchi, AVOLA spokesperson. (Image: Curaden/AVOLA)

Mon. 2. October 2023


LUCERNE, Switzerland: AVOLA Declaration Association, a multidisciplinary network of healthcare professionals and allied workers, and Curaden, a Swiss oral care company, have solidified a visionary ten-year sponsoring agreement. The sponsorship was initiated by Curaden and will facilitate AVOLA Declaration Association’s efforts towards the promotion of oral health and education as well as its mission of supporting society in its quest for health and well-being.

At the heart of this landmark partnership lies Curaden’s and AVOLA Declaration Association’s shared commitment to reshaping the global healthcare landscape. The strategic agreement will give AVOLA Declaration Association a platform for growth. Over the course of the initial three years, its focus will be on setting up a strong organisational framework and refining operational processes. This will include the establishment of a project portfolio focused on Europe.

A first landmark will be the inaugural AVOLA interdisciplinary congress, scheduled to take place in Lucerne on 11 November 2024. This event will serve as a meeting place for a diverse array of oral healthcare and healthcare professionals, and an atmosphere of collaboration, information exchange and collective learning will be fostered.

At the core of AVOLA Declaration Association’s mission is a paradigm shift towards a prevention-based healthcare system. Partnering with Curaden aligns with the association’s core values, and the partnership will drive awareness campaigns and projects to empower and motivate individuals to develop healthy oral care habits. The aim is to promote health literacy and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration. Together, the two organisations urge individuals, professionals and organisations to join them in advocating health promotion for a future of universal well-being.

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