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Dental implant education at your own pace: ITI offers flexible online courses

The International Team for Implantology, a global association of professionals in implant dentistry, offers dental practitioners comprehensive online introductory education in implant dentistry. (Image: ITI)
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Dental Tribune International

Wed. 1. April 2020


BASEL, Switzerland: For dental professionals who are new to the field of implantology or for those who would like to improve their knowledge and skills, the International Team for Implantology (ITI) offers its educational programme ITI Online Curriculum Foundation level. Especially convenient in times of COVID-19, these online modules allow participants to learn at flexible times from home and obtain continuing education credits.

The ITI Curriculum is a universally standardised education programme for undergraduates, postgraduates, general practitioners, specialists or dental hygienists who want to make or extend their career in implant dentistry. In a structured learning approach, the foundation level provides a broad theoretical base in implant dentistry. A key benefit of the course is its flexibility because it allows dentists to learn at home at their own pace. Apart from a hands-on introduction to clinical skills, the entire course can be done online.

The ITI Academy is a comprehensive e-learning platform and provides dental professionals with information on educational products, tools and activities in line with the highest standards of continuing education in implant dentistry. The 35 learning modules of the foundation level include topics such as “Introduction to implant dentistry”, “Structured assessment and treatment planning” and “Surgical planning and procedures”.

“The online programme allowed me to manage my time flexibly”—Dr Susan Clarke

Once participants have successfully completed the foundation level, they can continue with the intermediate level, which builds on the acquired knowledge by introducing clinical implementation and first-hand experience of treating patients. A further step is the advanced level, which is currently in development. This will take participants through a programme of independent study based on case submissions.

After successfully completing the ITI Online Curriculum and its assessments and examinations, participants will be awarded continuing education credits and an official ITI Certificate in Implant Dentistry.

“I’ve just started practising as a dentist and have very little time, but I want to develop my career towards implant dentistry. I couldn’t find a really good introductory course to implant dentistry nearby, and the ITI Online Curriculum provided everything I was looking for—broad theoretical knowledge and an outstanding e-learning platform. The online programme allowed me to manage my time flexibly, and I am now fully on board with the ITI’s lifelong learning approach,” said programme participant Dr Susan Clarke from Regina in Canada.

The ITI currently offers a promotion for the ITI Online Curriculum providing a US$500 discount for all new participants. Dental professionals interested in the course can find more information on the programme and details about how to register at

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