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First magazine dedicated to AI in dentistry curated by global AI expert and clinician

AI dentistry will be the world’s first publication covering the scientific advances of artificial intelligence across all specialties of dentistry. (Image: Panchenko Vladimir/Shutterstock)

Tue. 20. February 2024


LEIPZIG, Germany: Just as fast as AI is changing the dental landscape, so too AI dentistry—international magazine of artificial intelligence in dentistry will keep up, documenting the latest research and innovations of AI in dentistry for dental professionals in all specialties. The first publication of its kind, AI dentistry magazine is a curated guide filled with user reports, interviews, articles and more to ensure every dental practitioner is kept up to date on how applications of AI can truly revolutionise their own dental practice.

Dr Robert A. Gaudin (Image: Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin)

AI dentistry Editor-in-Chief Dr Robert A. Gaudin, a global expert on AI in dentistry, commented on the release of the magazine, saying, “As the dental community navigates the integration of AI into daily workflows, understanding how to harness its potential is crucial.”

Each new issue of AI dentistry will cover key applications of AI according to the latest academic research, ensuring practising clinicians can take advantage of the full potential of AI in their own specialty. For many dental professionals, the idea of learning more about AI can be daunting, particularly as it lends itself to many different applications, programs, processes and products. It seems that every dentistry-focused company is choosing to use AI in a different way and that regulators are struggling to keep up with the pace of development to ensure safe outcomes for patients. These challenges make AI dentistry the ideal guide to staying abreast of the advancements, and the magazine is of particular value to clinicians beginning the transition to digital workflows.

The preview issue of the new magazine was released this February.  (Image: DTI)

Dr Gaudin, a surgeon and a fellow of the BIH Charité Digital Clinician Scientist Program at Charité—Universitätsmedizin Berlin in Germany, outlined some of the more focal benefits of using AI in dental practice, such as the streamlined detection of anatomical structures and dental materials, providing dentists with comprehensive preliminary findings, saving time and improving documentation quality; and superior pathology detection, identifying conditions like early caries more accurately. Besides these clinical uses, he pointed out the value for patient communication, providing patients with a better understanding of their conditions by visually highlighting pathologies; and the marketing potential for practices, conveying the dental practice’s commitment to progress, innovation and a patient-centric approach.

Whether planning orthodontic treatment from beginning to end in a program employing AI or tailoring minimally invasive surgical solutions with AI-designed surgical guides and procedures, the amount of time and money saved, multiplied by increased patient safety, has proved that AI in dentistry is here to stay. According to Dr Gaudin, “The consensus is clear: AI is not a threat but a tool that, when utilised effectively, has the potential to revolutionise patient care in dentistry. The journey towards an AI-assisted future in dentistry has begun, and its impact promises to be transformative.”

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