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GEASS: 100% producers of smiles


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Geass has developed and patented Synthegra, the most innovative laser implant treatment surface. (Image: Geass)


Fri. 6. March 2020


POZZUOLO DEL FRIULI, Italy: The way forward in implantology is Italian. Geass’s philosophy has its roots in innovation and safety, and it has been transforming dental implantology solutions into smiles for 35 years now. The company’s implants and prosthetic components are manufactured in Italy at the Geass production plant, with the purpose of guaranteeing the quality of each item through in-house production and careful quality control of each individual piece.

In collaboration with research institutes, universities and relevant clinics, Geass’s R & D department conducts research, and develops and manufactures dental implants, prostheses and protocols to offer innovative, reliable and safe solutions for dental professionals.

Thanks to its research, applied technology and wide market knowledge, Geass has developed and patented Synthegra, the most innovative laser implant treatment surface. Following a specific procedure, the laser removes titanium through sublimation, moving along the surface of the implant and creating thousands of regularly distributed micrometric pores of the same shape and size. The final result is a clean and topographically controlled surface that is able to induce excellent and rapid osseointegration and to significantly reduce bacterial adhesion, resulting in a reduced risk of peri-implantitis.

Geass’s product range includes solutions for single-tooth to fully edentulous cases through two dental implant systems, both treated with Synthegra: Way and Omny. Way is characterised by a wide range of implant shapes, all of them using the same simple protocol for different prosthetic solutions, to be selected according to the type of rehabilitation required:

  • Way Mix, the implant for excellent aesthetic results;
  • Way Extra, the implant for the management of post-extraction cases;
  • Way Rock, the transmucosal implant for distal segments;
  • Way Slim, the implant for restricted anatomical spaces; and
  • Way Short, the implant for cases with reduced bone height.

Omny is a simple, complete, innovative and affordable system: a unique and compact surgical kit for any kind of rehabilitation, two different implant shapes and a unique prosthetic connection for all the diameters.

In addition to that, Geass offers a range of solutions for digital dentistry, including digital impression taking, computer-assisted surgery and CAD/CAM personalised prostheses. Education too is a priority for the company. Its educational programmes cover all aspects of implant dentistry, from very basic training courses to more advanced ones, including specific protocols you can use immediately. Innovative training on cadavers allows you to practise all the most advanced surgical techniques, and there is the possibility of training in computer-assisted surgery too.

Geass is present in more than 15 countries and it is growing steadily. The company supports its dealers all around the world during all stages of introduction of the brand and its solutions to the market, offering high-level technical and commercial training, scientific documentation and ongoing assistance from its headquarters, including specific local training.

Geass stands for premium Italian quality, dental implant experience, precision, reliability and innovation. It offers the perfect solution for those who share these values and want to stand out from the crowd.

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