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Henry Schein launches COVID-19 Resource Center

An online hub created by Henry Schein Inc. provides dental and medical professionals with critical information regarding the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. (Photo: Henry Schein Inc.)

Tue. 17. March 2020


MELVILLE, N.Y., USA: Henry Schein Inc. has launched the COVID-19 Resource Center, a web-based hub that provides industry-specific information to help office-based dental and medical practitioners navigate the COVID-19 outbreak.

Located on Henry Schein’s global website, the resource center — available by clicking here — features a collection of links and downloadable infographics to help health care professionals prepare and effectively communicate with their staff and patients as the outbreak continues to evolve.

Information available on the resource center includes the following:

  • A COVID-19 checklist for practice owners with suggested steps to keep practices running smoothly.
  • Links to educational videos to share with patients from key sources, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • A downloadable infographic defining COVID-19, its symptoms, and how people can prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Links to CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) web pages with critical information for dental and medical practice owners and their staff, including a “What Clinicians Need to Know” webinar.

“As the COVID-19 outbreak evolves, we at Henry Schein are committed to helping health care professionals effectively communicate to their staff and patients,” said Stanley M. Bergman, chairman of the board and CEO of Henry Schein. “We take our role as a valuable business partner to health care professionals seriously, and we’ll continue to update the COVID-19 Resource Center with the latest information that our customers can rely on to run their practices efficiently and deliver quality patient care.”

Visit for important information about what Henry Schein is doing to address this unprecedented situation and the actions the company is taking to get more product into the hands of those who need it most—health care professionals.

(Source: Henry Schein Inc.)


One thought on “Henry Schein launches COVID-19 Resource Center

  1. Lisa Testen says:

    Is there any way that the need for dental offices to close except for emergency treatment only can be brought to the attention of the govt. officials. Maybe if it is presented by a large supplier of dental supplies such as yourself it will get attention. So far I have only seen RECOMMENDATIONS to close so when this window to still work is open,some still are working “business as usual”. If state officials & even better the President would announce for it to be mandatory,then maybe ALL dentists would close. If your company could make that happen,it’d be great! Thank you!

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