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Interview: EssenSeal improves on zinc oxide eugenol classics

Marketing and Communication Director Alexandre Vieira (Photograph: Tom Carvalho, DTI)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Fri. 15. March 2019


EssenSeal is one of a number of products that Swiss company Produits Dentaires (PD) has launched at IDS 2019. Dental Tribune International spoke with Marketing and Communication Director Alexandre Vieira about the new root canal sealer the company has developed to offer new features while retaining the fundamental benefits of eugenol-based sealers.

Mr Vieira, can you tell us about EssenSeal’s formula?
We believe that outstanding sealing is a fundamental step of root canal therapy. EssenSeal is a new-generation zinc oxide eugenol sealer featuring tea tree essential oil (melaleuca), and is composed of a powder base and a liquid catalyst. EssenSeal and its unique formula enable more effective root canal sealing to limit the growth of residual bacteria and prevent any resumption of infection. On top of that, EssenSeal diffuses an amazing scent, making it one of the most pleasant sealers available.

What else can you tell us about EssenSeal?
EssenSeal is easy to manipulate and highly flowable to deliver perfect 3-D sealing, and has excellent physicochemical properties and an extremely pleasant tea tree scent. Just like the other zinc oxide eugenol products in the PD range, EssenSeal has a very small volumetric change on setting, is thixotropic and, owing to a very small particle size, easily penetrates the root canal anatomy and provides remarkable covering of the entire root canal wall. Also, its exceptional chemical properties guarantee a working time above 60 minutes and a setting time of less than 3 hours. We have designed EssenSeal to improve on zinc oxide eugenol classics: to offer a few of the features of bioceramics, while retaining the fundamental benefits of eugenol-based sealers, such as simplicity of access in retreatment procedures.

Has EssenSeal also been designed to simplify obturation procedures?
An additional advantage of EssenSeal is its ease of use. Engineered to simplify obturation procedures, the ratio for mixing EssenSeal is as simple as one drop of liquid to one spoon of powder. The simple mixing procedure ensures optimum consistency in every application. Its vial format, with a capacity of 15 g of powder and 10 ml of liquid, offers a perfect cost-efficient solution for dental professionals.

How and when will EssenSeal be rolled out to the markets PD serves, and how does it complement other products of the company’s portfolio?
Right after IDS, we will make EssenSeal available through our distribution network in Europe and, shortly after that, throughout the rest of the world. EssenSeal perfectly complements our endodontic portfolio with a formula that improves root canal obturation procedures. It is easy to manipulate and mix to the perfect consistency and can be applied easily with PD gutta-percha points. Our new PD gutta-percha point assortment is uniformly rolled from the finest gutta-percha to extremely close tolerance. The points are available in the conventional and ISO sizes of 2 per cent (0.02), 4 per cent (0.04) and 6 per cent (0.06) taper and 28 mm length to fit prepared root canals precisely, and can be used with either cold obturation techniques, such as single-cone and lateral compaction, or as a master cone for warm vertical compaction.

PD has launched a number of other products at IDS 2019. What responses have you had?
Visitors have loved the new products. They have appreciated the significant improvements they offer to root canal therapy, but also the fact that they do not require the revolutionising of proven and established treatment protocols. IrriFlex, our new root canal irrigation needle, has probably generated the most enthusiasm. Many have said that they have been converted!

Thank you very much for the interview.

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