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Quality of life after rehabilitation with implant treatment

Prof. Dr. Katja Nelson; Medical Center – University of Freiburg/Germany
Dr. Angela Bergmann

Dr. Angela Bergmann

Tue. 27. September 2016


In an interview with Dental Tribune International, Prof. Dr Katja Nelson talks about her findings on patients with oral cancer after rehabilitation with implant treatment and discusses, with regards to social aspects, oral health-related quality of life.

Tumor patients with oral cancer are treated by ablative surgery, irradiation and/or chemotherapy. Due to the loss of soft and hard tissue after surgical intervention and therapeutic side effects of radiotherapy, conventional prosthetic rehabilitation may not be possible in most cases. Implant-supported restorations enable the dentist to restore basic oral functions and normalize social activities in these multi-compromised tumor patients. Literature concerning the success of implant placement and wound healing in irradiated tumor patients is rare. In view of the risk of possible complications such as implant loss or bone healing problems, it seems to be a great challenge to give tumor patients a predictable long-lasting implant therapy. Prof. Dr Katja Nelson, University of Freiburg (im Breisgau, Germany), and colleagues recently published the results of a randomized, controlled clinical trial with a five year follow-up about the rehabilitation of irradiated patients with chemically modified and conventional SLA implants. In the interview, Prof. Nelson describes the special situation and needs of these tumor patients as well as the trial’s results. In her conclusion, she summarizes the important parameters which turn oral rehabilitation with implants into a predictable therapeutic approach.


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