“We are planning to make quite an impact at the EAO congress”

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“We are planning to make quite an impact at the EAO congress”


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The Nexus Plus full-arch solution demonstrates a new union of translucent lifelike materials and precision-milled titanium, engineered to be easily interchangeable. (Image: Keystone Dental)

As the dental industry was gearing up for the 2022 EAO congress, Dental Tribune International (DTI) had the opportunity to go behind the scenes to learn more about one of the companies presenting during the congress, Keystone Dental. Speaking with CEO Melker Nilsson, DTI learned about a recent acquisition that has fuelled the company’s mission to bring a unique full-arch solution to the European market.

Melker Nilsson, CEO of Keystone Dental since 2019. (Image: Keystone Dental)

Mr Nilsson, could you tell us a little a bit about Keystone and its history, and perhaps how it has grown and developed since its beginnings?
Keystone was founded in 2006 by a very large, well-known US-based private equity house called Warburg Pincus. The modern history of the company really started with our current owner, Accelmed, who acquired the majority stake of Keystone in 2018 and very rapidly thereafter acquired Paltop, an Israeli manufacturer of dental implants which provided a high-end manufacturing plant in Israel. Now we are manufacturing almost all of our implants in Israel and have consequently improved our product quality.

It was after these changes that I started as CEO in 2019. Another recent change was the acquisition of the Australian company Osteon Medical, which has developed some highly innovative and, I would even say, revolutionary prosthetic concepts—the Nexus iOS—to restore a full arch that we are launching at the EAO congress for the European market.

Through these recent acquisitions, we have changed the trajectory and capability for innovation of the company, putting us in a very good position. We look forward to presenting this to the European market!

Would you be able to share more about this unique full-arch solution?
The problem we are solving is this: it is a relatively complex process to restore a full arch in a completely edentulous patient, and it is quite time-consuming. Osteon Medical has been able to significantly reduce the treatment steps and time it takes to restore a full arch and does so with a product with much higher precision, among other advantages, based fully on digital technology. In addition, I would say that the price is highly competitive.

Even though this technology has been around for almost three years and it’s known in Australia, it’s widely unknown in important markets such as Europe and North America—except for a few European dentists. So, the reason why we acquired this company is to drive it in a new direction and to promote the solution in order to bring it to more markets. Several articles on this new technology are already available and have been published in Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research, in the International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants and in implants—international magazine of oral implantology.

We are planning to make quite an impact at the EAO congress with our exhibition and an industry forum on Saturday (from 12:45 to 13:45) with a leading German dentist, Dr Henriette Lerner, during which we will focus on our new technology for full-arch restorations.

3D tooth set-up for approval. (Image: Keystone Dental)

Let’s also talk about, more generally, the Keystone product portfolio. What does your company offer, and what are some of the greatest benefits of your company’s products for clinicians and their patients?
Our overall focus lies on rehabilitation with dental implants, and we offer products in five categories: dental implants, abutments, prosthetic solutions, biomaterials and now also full-arch restoration from a prosthetic point of view. In addition to this, mainly in North America up until now, we offer the associated technology that supports clinicians. For example, if you want to work in an efficient way with our new solution, you need an intra-oral scanner and you might want to include a printer. We offer this service of being a one-stop shop for our customers for the entire digital workflow of our newly acquired solution. For the European market, this technology is also often offered by our distributors.

What can Keystone customers look forward to in the future?
Between now and the end of the first quarter in 2023, we will be launching over 500 new products. We have invested a lot to significantly increase our innovation pipeline and are continuing our international expansion into Europe with direct sales organisations in selected markets.

Moreover, we are arranging six international conferences: in Toronto in Canada (24 and 25 March), Chicago (20 and 21 April) and Newport Beach (11 and 12 May) in the US, Athens in Greece (22 and 23 June), Boston in the US (13 and 14 October) and Melbourne in Australia (9 and 10 November). Our global symposium, which we held this year in Las Vegas in the US, will return in 2024. We launched the Nexus iOS on the North American market during this year’s global symposium and it’s fair to say that it has been a sensation. For next June, we are organising courses on full-arch rehabilitation, for example, in conjunction with the University of Zurich. In addition, we are planning to offer courses in Germany in the first quarter of 2023.

Editorial note:

More information about Keystone Dental can be found at keystonedental.com. EAO congress participants can learn more about the company’s full-arch restoration at Booth F47.

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