W&H donates products to world’s highest dental clinic

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W&H donates products to world’s highest dental clinic


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W&H recently again supported the world’s highest dental clinic with donations of modern instruments and devices. From left: Ang Nuru, Chairman of the Namche Dental Clinic, Dr Nawang Doka, who is the dentist at the clinic, and Sherpa guide Nawang Pasang. (Photograph: W&H)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Tue. 14. August 2018


NAMCHE BAZAAR, Nepal: Dental treatment in the Nepalese mountain village of Namche Bazaar is a challenging undertaking. Located at an altitude of 3,440m, the dental clinic is the world’s highest and can only be accessed via a multi-day trekking route or a tiny airfield, making it rather difficult to supply the clinic. Furthermore, most of the local population can barely afford essential dental treatment. In order to support the medical team, W&H has again sent a donation of dental products to the clinic.

As a member of the Dream of Gorakhani aid project, W&H has been actively involved in construction and development projects in the Nepalese region of Khumbu for several years. In addition to building and supporting a school for approximately 100 children in Gorakhani, supplying the dental clinic in Namche Bazaar is one of the dental technology company’s major concerns.

Since 2011, W&H has been sending products to the remote mountain village. Dentist Dr Nawang Doka was most appreciative of the recent donation of modern equipment. She has been working in the dental clinic in Namche Bazaar for two decades now, treating locals and tourists alike. Over the past ten years, the village has become an important base for trekking tours and expeditions. The dental clinic is the only one in the region and thus an important port of call for those in need of care.

Using W&H’s products, Doka can perform a broad range of treatments. Yet, care is not a matter of course in the world’s highest dental clinic, and delivering materials to the remote mountain village is a great achievement. With the help of Sherpa guides Nawang and Kaji Pasang, who work in Austrian alpine tourism during winter, the donated products could be safely transported to Namche Bazaar.

“The commitment of the dentist performing the treatment is outstanding. At the dental clinic in Namche Bazaar, she [Nawang Doka] plays a key role in maintaining the population’s dental health—even with the simplest of tools and methods. Our donation will support this valuable work,” explained W&H President Peter Malata.

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