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Dr. Ana Gomes Paz

Dr. Ana Gomes Paz

Website: https://whiteclinic.pt/en/

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Dr. Ana Paz graduated in dentistry from the University of Lisbon, Portugal. She obtained her master’s degree thesis in endodontics, and published a study titled the, “Evaluation of Postoperative Pain After Using Bioceramic Materials as Endodontic Sealers”.  She holds postgraduate degrees in both advanced general practice from the University of Lisbon, and in forensic medicine from the Criminal Study Center in Madrid,Spain.

Currently, Dr. Paz works at White Clinic, a dental clinic based in Lisbon, with an interdisciplinary team using state-of the-art technology, software and materials, in pursuit of minimal invasiveness to better protect patients. Dr Paz runs the scientific research and development department at White Clinic and publishes articles in national and international magazines and journals. She is a member of the Digital Dentistry Society and with Dr. Miguel Stanley, one of the pioneers in applying photobiomodulation therapy in combination with orthodontic clear aligners.

Her other passions are regenerative dentistry and facial esthetics with the application of PRF (Platelet rich fibrin), combined with photobiomodulation therapies, using a unique protocol, Paz protocol, used at White Clinic.

Dr Ana Paz is currently doing a curriculum in biological dentistry and ceramic implants in Zurich, Switzerland and collaborating in a research project at Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, with Prof.  Shahram Ghanaati on photobiomodulation therapy applied in the Maxilo-facial area.