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Interview: Adopting intra-oral scanners is vital for success

Thomas Weldingh, Deputy Group CEO of 3DISC. (Photograph: 3DISC)

Tue. 12. March 2019


The US-based company 3DISC, which recently launched the Heron IOS (intra-oral scanner), specialises in quality imaging solutions for dentists. Dental Tribune International spoke with Thomas Weldingh, Deputy Group CEO of 3DISC, about this scanner and the company’s focus at IDS.

Mr Weldingh, which products is 3DISC highlighting at IDS 2019?
We are proud to be showcasing the Heron IOS solution. Recent upgrades mean that the scanner now delivers more detailed and accurate images, has a larger range of indications and operates at a faster speed. Heron IOS is the smallest and most lightweight colour scanner on the market and provides unsurpassed ergonomics for dental professionals. It is designed and manufactured in the US.

The Heron IOS intraoral scanner from 3DISC. (Image: 3DISC)

3DISC primarily targets small to mid-sized dental practices. What factors have led to this segment of the market being your focus?
The adoption of intraoral scanners in solo practices is vital for companies’ success. Approximately 70 per cent of all dental practices in the US and 75 per cent in Europe are solo practices. However, only an estimated 5–15 per cent have intraoral scanners. Simplicity is key for most practices in this segment. The Heron IOS is recognised as being a simple, reliable and cost-effective solution with an open system structure that allows for ongoing flexibility and freedom of choice.

Can you describe the price model of the Heron IOS?
The Heron IOS is available at a one-time, affordable fee, with no additional costs. The scanner comes with a free program that automatically updates the scanner with software upgrades as they are released, improving characteristics such as scanning speed, scanning accuracy, colour rendering and usability. It is safe to invest in this scanner today, knowing you will always have the latest generation even years from now.

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