Interview: “The new interface makes the learning curve shorter”

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Interview: “The new interface makes the learning curve shorter”

Thomas Weldingh, 3DISC Deputy Group CEO, with the Heron IOS intraoral scanner. (Image: Dental Tribune International)
Brendan Day, DTI

Brendan Day, DTI

Tue. 3. December 2019


At this year’s Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM), the U.S.-based company 3DISC has launched the latest version of the Heron IOS, its solution for intraoral scanning. At the event, Dental Tribune International spoke with Thomas Weldingh, 3DISC Deputy Group CEO, about the benefits the Heron IOS provides for the entire dental team.

Mr. Weldingh, 3DISC is showcasing the latest version of its Heron IOS solution at GNYDM 2019. What benefits does this version offer?
The biggest thing is the new Heron IOS case management software interface, which we’ve based on our in-house software platform and is designed to be highly intuitive and easily engaged with by the dentist, the lab and the patient. The new interface makes the learning curve shorter for the dental professional while increasing digital workflow performance, reducing the patient’s chair time.

We have also put a great deal of effort into optimizing the workflow and overall performance of this scanner in a new major software update. This new version of the Heron IOS features a new storage element and technology designed to significantly reduce the processing and storing time required for the large 3D images generated during intraoral scanning—an aspect that is often overlooked when comparing overall workflow speeds between scanners.

In addition, this new version of the Heron IOS offers improved accuracy regarding bite alignment, even with full-arch cases using our two-bite registration procedure.

3DISC debuted the Heron IOS at the International Dental Show in 2017. What has the feedback from your customers been to this point?
It’s been very good. We’ve come to market with a complete intraoral scanning solution at a price point that really appeals to dentists who, while interested in going digital, haven’t really invested in it to this point owing to the high initial investment cost of many digital technologies.

How can dental professionals access the software update for the Heron IOS?
Update notifications come via push messages in the Heron IOS software. When the new interface is available, our customers will be notified via the system.

Could you explain 3DISC’s pricing model for the Heron IOS?
We are trying to make things simple for the dental professional with our products, and our pricing model is no exception. The Heron IOS is available for a one-time affordable payment—there are no mandatory licensing fees or ongoing costs, and it comes with free upgrades. It’s very easy, then, to calculate your return on investment (ROI) when moving from analog to digital.

In addition, 3DISC will soon have a new ROI calculator on our website for customers to calculate their practices’ ROI for the Heron intraoral scanner.

What else is 3DISC highlighting at GNYDM 2019?
In addition to order management and scanning, we have developed an easy method of practice-to-lab communication called HeronCloud. The software is designed to be highly intuitive, boasting a fast learning curve that provides fast and easy collaboration with the lab through the cloud.

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