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Check out the newest intra-oral scanners, including 3DISC’s Heron IOS, at IDS

At IDS, 3DISC is showcasing Heron IOS. (Photograph: 3DISC)


Thu. 21. February 2019


In March, IDS opens its doors to exhibitors and dental professionals from all over the world. Dentists attending to gain an overview of the market for intra-oral scanning and digital dentistry will experience a complete showcase of scanners. With this amount of diversity, how can a dentist navigate this rapidly developing marketplace?

To help with this, 3DISC provides, from our experience, the top five selection criteria to keep in mind:

  1. Technical features: Open architecture and the ability to scan in OBJ, STL and PLY offer the flexibility to work with any open-platform software. Overall accuracy and digital scan quality should also be considered.
  2. The weight, size and ergonomics of the scanner impact its daily use.
  3. The learning curve and ease of use are relevant for both time invested in each scan and training staff to operate the scanner.
  4. The range of restorations your practice needs, and whether this requires an advanced or less advanced model should be considered.
  5. The price model is key, as some solutions come with an additional data plan and ongoing costs, such as licence fees. With a one-time affordable payment, you can in effect redirect the cost for impression material to pay off part of your intra-oral
    scanner investment.

Another way to gain more knowledge is to look for independent research in the field. Industry players often work with scientific teams who provide valuable independent research to both dentists and manufacturers. 3DISC recently joined a study in digital dentistry at Aarhus University to contribute to the research and gain important knowledge and feedback for the future development of our Heron IOS. The purpose and result of the study is to help general practitioners navigate in this field, by providing independent scientific research.

“We cooperate with many manufacturers of scanning devices, and we put all scanners through a standard test protocol, investigating different aspects of digital dentistry in prosthodontics,” Dr Yasser Haddadi of Aarhus University’s Department of Dentistry and Oral Health told 3DISC. “By testing the scanners clinically, as well as in laboratory settings, we gain and share that knowledge with manufacturers to improve and expand the digital field.”

3DISC then asked Haddadi to give his take on the current situation of the competitive landscape: “The intra-oral scanning field is very competitive and dynamic and has been for some years. Previously, there was a huge gap between the field leaders and the newer scanners, but I believe the new players are rapidly catching up” he said. So, don’t miss out on the new scanner solutions on display at IDS—there’s sure to be the right solution for you.

At IDS, 3DISC is showcasing Heron IOS, one of the newest intra-oral scanners on the market. A compact colour scanner weighing only 150 g, it is easy to use, ergonomic and available at a one-time affordable payment with no additional costs. If a reasonable price, ergonomics and simplicity in daily use form part of your selection criteria for an intra-oral scanning solution, come by 3DISC’s booth at IDS for a demonstration and try the scanner yourself. The 3DISC team is standing ready to help you at Booth B010–C019 in Hall 2.1.

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