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Heron IOS—A new chairside option offering immediate value

The Heron IOS intraoral scanner. (Photograph: 3DISC)


Wed. 24. October 2018


NEW YORK, U.S.: Dental intraoral scanning is growing in popularity worldwide owing to it offering a simpler impression process, better accuracy, a decrease in procedure time and digital integration with dental laboratories. The Heron IOS from 3DISC offers a new entry into digital dentistry for dentists. This high-value intraoral scanner, which is characterized by its exclusive ergonomic design and light weight, boasts the most sought-after features for restorative dentistry at a very attractive price. It is now available worldwide.

Its ergonomics, accessibility, open architecture and affordability are key when dentists choose the Heron IOS, according to practitioner Dr. Isaac Tawil, who runs Tawil Dental in New York. “The digital revolution is now an industry standard. CBCT, 3-D printers, and desktop and intraoral scanners have become commonplace in dental practices worldwide. In its inception, clinicians demanded quality scans and simplified workflows. Those qualities are now available in all units across the board. The Heron IOS not only has those qualities, but is unsurpassed in ergonomics and accessibility. Finally, we have a comfortable, lightweight scanner that feels like it belongs in the palm of your hands. The ability to scan in STL, OBJ and PLY gives me the flexibility to work in any open platform software. The Heron IOS has arrived, and it has set a new bar for all other scanners,” Tawil said.

Success factors for Heron IOS in the marketplace

Beyond the operational differences between the solutions on the market, the price tag and the support team behind the solutions are important success factors when a dentist chooses an IOS for his or her practice.

“The initial market feedback has proven to us that the ideal form and light weight makes us well positioned in the market in terms of design and ergonomics. Additionally, with the Heron IOS, the dentist makes a one-time affordable payment with no additional or ongoing cost," said Thomas Weldingh, Deputy Group CEO of 3DISC. "This simple price model means in effect that the dentist redirects the cost for impression materials to pay off his or her new IOS. Finally, credibility as a company is key, we as a team ensure we are flexible, responsive and reliable in dealing with dental clinics.”

The company is showcasing its products at its booth (#2522) at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, which is being held until Nov. 28. 

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