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ACTEON – PRODONT (Manual Instrumentation)


Hand instruments support dentists in their daily practice. ACTEON designed and manufacture hand instruments to be the extension of the practitioner's hand and provide the best tactile feedback.

They have ergonomics, accuracy and durability due to the quality of the metals used. It is in a region at the centre of a cutlery region, where steel processing is a question of expertise, that these instruments are designed to meet the requirements of practitioner.

Acteon manual instrumentation is available with a patented XL handle that aims at providing the best comfort to practioners:

  • Large diameter helps the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Finger-rest zone allows an easy and comfortable prehension
  • The satin-finishing reduces light reflection and avoid eye fatigue
  • Smooth surface contributes to a better hygiene, avoiding blood and dirt retention
  • The flat end of the handle is dedicated for percussion diagnosis

ACTEON can provide also a full range of manual instruments which are complementary with the other Equipment products.
For example, the sharp instruments benefit of the know-how of cutlery workmanship. The shape and the cutting edges are precise and effective for minimally invasive approach. The full range of surgical instruments will also compliment the device in piezosurgery.