Align Technology announces new iTero Lumina

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Align Technology announces new iTero Lumina intra-oral scanner

Fri. 9. February 2024


SAN JOSE, Calif., US: Known for its Invisalign system of clear aligners and exocad CAD/CAM software, Align Technology has recently announced the launch of its newest intra-oral scanner: iTero Lumina. The new scanner offers a three times wider field of capture in a 50% smaller and 45% lighter wand, delivering a faster scanning speed, higher accuracy, superior visualisation and a more comfortable scanning experience.

Align Technology announces new iTero Lumina intra-oral scanner

The new iTero Lumina intra-oral scanner. (Image: Align Technology)

Designed with iTero Multi-Direct Capture technology, which has replaced the confocal imaging technology in earlier models, the iTero Lumina scanner:

  • has a wider field of capture and enables simultaneous capture from multiple angles, making it possible to capture more dentition in a single uninterrupted movement and to deliver smoother, faster and more accurate scans;
  • has a larger capture distance of up to 25 mm, making it easier to scan complex oral regions such as narrow or deep palates, edentulous spaces and partially erupted teeth with minimal manoeuvring;
  • quickly, easily and accurately captures more data and greater detail while delivering exceptional scan quality and photorealistic 3D models that remove the need for the bulky digital cameras and cheek retractors required for traditional intra-oral photographs;
  • provides an effortless scanning experience that offers a new level of ergonomic working and comfort and helps remove adoption and utilisation barriers; and
  • delivers a better patient experience with a significantly smaller and lighter wand, which is especially beneficial for paediatric patients.

“Today we’re excited to introduce the next generation of iTero scanning technology that pushes the boundaries of what the industry has come to expect from a scanner,” said Karim Boussebaa, executive vice president and managing director for the iTero scanner and services business at Align Technology. “ITero Lumina creates a new standard in digital scanning that achieves exceptional clinical outcomes through more detailed data capture and highly accurate, photorealistic images; increases practice efficiency with an effortless, faster scanning experience; and delivers an elevated, more comfortable experience for clinicians and patients,” he continued.

“It’s exciting to reveal the iTero Lumina intra-oral scanner, designed to meet the needs of doctors and their patients, including a smaller wand with data capture capabilities and the potential to redefine what scanners can do,” said Arie Eshco, vice president of global products, marketing and services for the iTero scanner and services business at the company. “With iTero Lumina, the iTero tools and features that practices use every day with their orthodontic and comprehensive patients—tools like Invisalign Outcome Simulator, iTero Occlusogram, iTero TimeLapse and the recently released Align Oral Health Suite—are enhanced with faster, more efficient and photorealistic image capture, making iTero technology an invaluable part of digital treatment,” he noted.

“ITero Lumina creates a new standard in digital scanning.”—Karim Boussebaa, Align Technology

Dr Vicki Vlaskalic, an orthodontist from Australia, commented: “iTero Lumina is such a leap in scanning innovation: six cameras, increased capture range while floating over the dentition. I can confidently show my patients that I have the best, the most accurate, the fastest and, importantly, the most effective integration of digital workflows when treating them with Invisalign. I want to apply this innovation to increase my efficiency and efficacy in the Invisalign system and to deliver the best experience possible for my patients, and that’s what the iTero Lumina allows me to do.”

“ITero Lumina has amazing cameras. You capture multiple surfaces at the same time, and when I work with my younger patients, I can take a scan really in a few seconds, especially in mouths where we only have 20 or 24 teeth, such as early deciduous or mixed dentition patients,” said Dr Simonetta Meuli, an orthodontist from Italy.

“Our practice data shows scanning quality and times have improved with the iTero Lumina scanner, which highlights to the consumer we are all about precision orthodontics and up-to-date digital technology. It’s a tremendous leap forward in imaging and visualisation, which translates to better communication and patient experience,” noted Dr David Boschken, an orthodontist from the US.

“The accuracy, speed and ergonomics of iTero Lumina [are] ideal for complex scans that require more attention to detail and manoeuvring, for example for full-arch scans, full-mouth reconstructions, multiple restorative units and conservative preparations like veneers, which were some of the most impressive features I’ve noticed so far during my clinical trials,” commented Dr Karla Soto, a general dentist from the US.

Editorial note:

A global broadcast to provide more detailed information about the iTero Lumina intra-oral scanner is scheduled for 15 February. Registration is now open. More information about the intra-oral scanner can be found at and

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