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“Dentistry without deviation”

The SprintRay 3D-printing ecosystem was designed for the needs of dental professionals. (Image: SprintRay)
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Dental Tribune International

Tue. 6. February 2024


SprintRay has long held the unique position of being an additive manufacturing business with a single focus: dentistry. Ahead of AEEDC 2024, Dental Tribune International spoke with SprintRay CEO Dr Amir Mansouri about the company’s upcoming foray into the Middle Eastern market, SprintRay’s continued success and the value of converting an analogue practice into a streamlined, digital enterprise.

Dr Amir Mansouri

SprintRay CEO and co-founder Dr Amir Mansouri. (Image: SprintRay)

Dr Mansouri, SprintRay has been incredibly productive throughout the past year. With AEEDC Dubai 2024 on the horizon, which innovation do you expect will draw visitors most to the SprintRay booth?
Research and development and advancing innovations are our core focus. We never take our market position for granted and are always working to disrupt our own product lines and position by introducing new innovations. Our emphasis is heavily on materials and artificial intelligence (AI)—materials to broaden the current applications in dental practices and AI to aid in treatment planning for our community —and that’s what we think visitors will want to learn more about.

How important is this event, and the Middle Eastern market for your company?
Extremely important. Our vision is to accelerate access to oral care globally, and we believe that 3D printing can give millions of patients faster and more affordable access to oral treatments. Coming to the Middle East to offer our solutions to dental professionals has always been part of our road map, and we are excited that it’s now happening.

Clinicians have their choice of production technologies, which can be overwhelming for some. How does a SprintRay ecosystem simplify the process of in-house production?
We offer a streamlined workflow, superior materials, easy design solutions and a community of thousands of collaborating clinicians. SprintRay is the only company exclusively focused on dental 3D printing, offering clinicians a partner whose sole mission is to improve dental 3D printing every day.

On the topic of choices, even in 2024, there are dental practitioners who are still hesitant to switch to an additive manufacturing process. What are the long-term benefits of giving up traditional methods and switching to a digital workflow?
Every day that clinicians delay adopting this technology, they fall behind in their professional development and competitiveness. 3D printing offers more control and versatility in treatment options, providing a competitive edge in their market. Offering a same-day crown or night guard increases the likelihood of patient acceptance.

What decisions have kept SprintRay so successful across the European market and indeed worldwide?
Our focus on dentistry without deviation has been key. Unlike our competitors who treat dentistry as a secondary market or 3D printing as a sideline, we are dedicated solely to dentistry. This focus has driven us to make decisions aligned with community needs. We’ve developed game-changing materials, software, AI and more, making 3D printing more accessible, affordable and exciting for clinicians and dental labs.

Editorial note:

More information about SprintRay can be found at sprintray.com. AEEDC visitors are invited to learn more about the company at Booth PH03.

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