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The balance between innovation and tradition

The Straumann Group offers the latest digital technologies at its booth at AEEDC Dubai 2024. (Image: Dental Tribune International)

Tue. 6. February 2024


A recent surge of innovations has sparked a transformative wave in the field of dentistry, reshaping the landscape of oral healthcare. In this interview, Dr Christoph Reinschmidt, the Straumann Group’s head of distributor markets in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, and Albin Gygli, head of digital hub Switzerland, eastern Europe and emerging markets, talk about the multi-brand dental company’s approach to and philosophy regarding introducing new digital solutions and identify future trends in dentistry, as well as how the company is strategically positioned to adapt to changes.

Dr Christoph Reinschmidt Straumann Group

Dr Christoph Reinschmidt, the Straumann Group’s head of distributor markets in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. (Image: Straumann)

While innovation is crucial, practitioners often rely on established techniques. How does the Straumann Group harmonise introducing innovative features with ensuring compatibility for practitioners accustomed to conventional methods?
Dr Reinschmidt: At the Straumann Group, we are committed to being the most customer-focused and innovative oral care company. Consequently, we deeply recognise that innovation has to be aligned with tradition and clinical evidence. We pursue a combination of in-house innovations as well as strategic acquisitions as a way forward. On the one hand, products like Straumann’s iEXCEL, which will be presented during the ITI World Symposium in Singapore from 9 to 11 May, showcase our internal research and development capabilities. On the other hand, acquisitions of brands like GalvoSurge demonstrate our openness to integrating external expertise into our portfolio. It is also worth mentioning that innovation is not confined to a single brand within the Straumann Group. We ensure that all our brands incorporate cutting-edge technologies, maintaining a high standard of excellence across our entire product portfolio. This inclusive approach ensures that practitioners have access to innovation regardless of their brand preferences.

Obviously, we also acknowledge the importance of established clinical procedures in ensuring patient safety and successful outcomes. Our approach involves a balance between introducing innovations and respecting the well-documented, trusted methods that practitioners rely on. New products are also introduced in a structured manner, accompanied by offering the necessary training and education to our customers.

How has digital technology transformed dental practices, and what are the key innovations that have significantly influenced the field?
Gygli: Digital technology and its workflows have revolutionised dentistry, enhancing efficiency, precision and patient care. Key innovations in diagnostics, treatment planning and communication have reshaped dental practices. The crucial element in any digital workflow—be it for clear aligner treatment, implantology or restorative dentistry—is the digital impression of a patient’s teeth. The intra-oral scanner is the entry point to digital treatment, playing a pivotal role in transforming treatment processes in clinics. Its significance is undeniable, marking a paradigm shift in dental practices and ensuring a more streamlined and patient-centric approach.

Given the diverse populations in different regions with varying dental needs, how does the Straumann Group cater to the specific requirements of different communities and demographics?
Dr Reinschmidt: One of the key pillars of our strategy involves our multi-brand approach, acknowledging that different communities and demographics may have unique preferences and requirements. The Straumann Group encompasses a range of brands, each tailored to cater to specific market segments and needs. To support our multi-brand strategy and cater to diverse philosophies, the Straumann Group invests significantly in global education and training programmes, allowing practitioners from various regions to access the latest knowledge, techniques and best practices.

We also understand that dental practitioners may follow diverse treatment philosophies based on their training, cultural backgrounds and regional practices. The Straumann Group’s product development and educational initiatives take these differences into account.

Albin Gygli Straumann Group

Albin Gygli, head of digital hub Switzerland, eastern Europe and emerging markets. (Image: Straumann)

What challenges do dental professionals face in adopting digital solutions, and how does Straumann address these challenges to enhance the overall user experience?
Gygli: Dental professionals often grapple with the challenges of transitioning to digital solutions, including concerns about costs, training requirements and workflow integration. By addressing these challenges, we enhance the overall user experience, making digital integration with Straumann a practical and beneficial choice for modern dental practices. Our commitment to user-friendly interfaces ensures a smooth transition, empowering dental professionals to embrace digital technology effortlessly.

We alleviate hurdles by providing cost-effective digital solutions, including intra-oral scanners and treatment planning software; practical resources and training programmes, facilitating seamless integration into existing workflows. We offer accessible education and guidance, including online modules, hands-on workshops and personalised coaching to support practitioners in integrating digital tools into their daily practice, contributing to improved patient care and practice efficiency.

As dentistry continues to evolve, what future trends and technological advancements do you foresee playing a crucial role in shaping the landscape, and how is the Straumann Group positioned to adapt to these changes?
Dr Reinschmidt: As dentistry undergoes its continued evolution, several future trends and technological advancements are playing an important role. The demand for immediate results in dental procedures is increasing, in implantology in particular. Patients and practitioners alike are seeking solutions that minimise treatment time and the number of visits and eventually enhance treatment satisfaction.

Digitalisation continues to change our business fundamentally. The Straumann Group directly offers solutions for intra-oral scanning, treatment planning, patient communication, assisted or navigated surgery and the production of final restorations. The adoption of these technologies is fundamental for the future success of dental healthcare companies as well for practitioners.

The shift towards patient-centric care is a prevailing trend in dentistry. Patients are increasingly involved in their treatment decisions, seeking personalised experiences and convenient communication channels. We recently added Smilecloud to our portfolio, software that allows clinicians to design virtual mock-up smiles for patients supported by artificial intelligence technology and 3D biometric libraries. This platform facilitates communication between practitioners and patients, enabling a more collaborative and transparent treatment journey.

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More information about the Straumann Group can be found at Visit Booth 7B10 at AEEDC Dubai to learn more.

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