Benefits of Invisalign Smile Architect

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Benefits of Invisalign Smile Architect

Invisalign Smile Architect is a smile design solution that combines tooth alignment and restorative treatment planning in a single platform. (Image: Align Technology)

Mon. 18. September 2023


Invisalign Smile Architect is the latest orthodontic and restorative treatment planning tool on the Align digital platform and is conveniently integrated into ClinCheck software. In this interview, an early adopter of Invisalign Smile Architect, Dr Luís Ilzarbe, who is a general dentist from Spain, discusses his experience with the tool and some of its key benefits.

Dr Luís Ilzarbe. (Image: Luís Ilzarbe)

Dr Ilzarbe, what do you think is the greatest improvement in Invisalign Smile Architect software compared with the previous dental smile design systems?
It’s a totally different approach. As a general dentist I always plan first, then align the teeth and lastly perform the restorative procedure. Invisalign Smile Architect allows users to add their restorative treatment planning into the software, providing a clearer understanding of the purpose of aligning the teeth and the desired final position.

The diagnosis and communication tool enables dentists to plan more effectively with their team and to share information with patients, all within the ClinCheck platform.

Can composite bonding and widening be planned with Invisalign Smile Architect?
Yes, the software allows for more than orthodontic planning. It enables dental professionals to plan treatment in the context of the patient’s face and to integrate the tooth movement using the superimposing tool. Invisalign Smile Architect provides a comprehensive view of the entire smile transformation through the Invisalign Practice app.

How difficult is it to learn to use the new software?
Learning to use new software is always tricky at first because you need to learn the buttons and change your protocols and the way you plan. However, Invisalign Smile Architect uses terminology dentists are familiar with. Dentists love to plan, and for this, they rely on various guiding lines. Invisalign Smile Architect incorporates the same lines as ClinCheck software, to support the diagnosis process: the midline, the smile curve or smile arc, and the proportions of the central incisors, lateral incisors and canines. It’s the same ClinCheck software, but with more options and tools to improve the dentist’s understanding of the patient’s needs in order to deliver the best treatment.

How have your patients reacted to the new tools?
They love the demonstration of the planned treatment outcome. It’s very powerful to talk to them in a language they understand, using the in-face visualisation tool to explain the treatment from start to finish. With Invisalign Smile Architect, users can include the restorative treatment in the simulation to better explain why teeth will be moved and what the final outcome will be. In addition, it allows dental professionals to emphasise the need to take a minimally invasive approach in order to preserve as much enamel as possible. Using in-face visualisation feels more honest because I can share more information with patients in a language they understand.

How do dental professionals send their restorative plan to the laboratory?
Invisalign Smile Architect allows users to export STL files, enabling dental professionals to share treatment plans and smile designs with their dental technician and other members of the team.

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To find out more about Invisalign Smile Architect, click here.

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