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Just in! Dentsply Sirona offers educational content on practice management

The new DS Academy Campus offers access to a plethora of high-quality clinical education content, including live and on-demand webinars. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Thu. 14. December 2023


Seeking to bring high-quality clinical education to dental professionals, Dentsply Sirona has recently launched the online DS Academy Campus, where it offers free access to live and on-demand content on orthodontic, restorative, implant and digital dentistry. Now, the company has added a new section, titled “Just in!”, where participants can find recently added online lectures. Below are five recent ones that are of special interest to those who wish to learn more about practice management.

Cracking the code: 3 levers to fuel growth in your practice

Shrinking reimbursements and the rising cost of dental care are causes for concern among dentists. Also worrying are high overhead expenses, including the cost of supplies and rent. In their lecture, Dr John Meis and Wendy Briggs offer strategies that lead to practice growth. These include building rapport between dentists and dental hygienists and using specific language to guide and empower patients to improve their oral health.

The evolution from DDS to CEO

The business of dentistry is changing rapidly. Dental practices are now operating on slimmer margins, and owning a dental practice carries significant financial and psychological risks. However, Dr John Meis believes that the emerging dental CEO business model will help bring the dental business to the next level. The model focuses on working smarter, not harder and maintaining profitability even in phases of active growth.

Utilising technology to enhance treatment planning and patient engagement

In this lecture, Dr Mona Patel talks about how dental technology can help create more effective treatment plans, increase patient case acceptance and enhance patient satisfaction. She also reviews internal and external marketing strategies to maximise dental practice return on investment and discusses the role of the dental team in patient communication and co-diagnosing. Finally, Dr Patel offers ways to empower the dental team members to take a digital lead in the dental practice.

“The business of dentistry: Prioritising improved patient care (for dental professionals located in the UK or North America)”

The webinar is geared towards dental professionals who wish to improve the patient experience and are considering investing in a new technology. In the lecture, Douglas K Fettig discusses business concepts that help support improved patient outcomes and talks about how utilising the SWOT analysis tool can help strategically manage a dental practice.

More information about the new DS Academy Campus can be found at

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