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X-Smart Pro+: “Ensuring safety while going much faster”

Prof. Simone Grandini reported on his experiences with the new X-Smart Pro+ endodontic motor at this year’s Dentsply Sirona World Dubai. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Wed. 13. March 2024


In February in the UAE, Dentsply Sirona held the second Dentsply Sirona World Dubai, attracting almost 1,200 participants from 50 countries. At the event, the company’s X-Smart Pro+ made its market premiere in the Middle East. The device is a portable tabletop endodontic motor with an apex locator and was developed to optimise the performance of Dentsply Sirona’s and VDW’s endodontic file systems. In this interview, endodontic expert and key opinion leader Prof. Simone Grandini from Italy talks about the features and benefits of the unit.

Prof. Grandini, the X-Smart Pro+ endodontic motor boasts an integrated apex locator and a high torque range of up to 7.5 N cm, alongside a touch screen interface. How do these features enhance the user experience and accuracy in endodontic procedures compared with conventional endodontic motors?
This engine is not so different from others at first glance; however, there are numerous small details that make X-Smart Pro+ a special motor. For example, various file systems can be used with it. Even though many of my peers tend to work with file systems with which they are familiar and achieve good clinical results with these, they appreciate the opportunity to try out new files. The endodontic motor can be programmed for each system, allowing the torque and rotation speed to be set manually. This is not possible with all motors.

The features you mentioned have proved themselves in everyday clinical practice. We want simplicity and good functionality in one device. X-Smart Pro+ meets this need.

X-Smart Pro+ is the first endodontic motor to be offered by both Dentsply Sirona and VDW. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)

X-Smart Pro+ offers both rotation and reciprocation modes, optimising the performance of Dentsply Sirona’s endodontic file systems. Could you explain how these file motions differ in practice and what advantages each provides to endodontists in terms of efficiency and safety during root canal treatments?
In endodontics, we have been working with different modes of canal preparation for a long time. Incidentally, the reciprocating preparation method was described in 1985 already. The instrument rotates alternately clockwise and anticlockwise, allowing the instrument to continuously advance apically. This movement pattern ensures that the file is centred in the canal. For us as dentists, this makes it possible to prepare the canal with just one instrument. However, when we have cases that necessitate working in a way that is particularly gentle on the dentine, this is better achieved with continuously rotating files. It is therefore very important to have both rotation and reciprocation available in order to decide on a patient-specific basis which motion will achieve the best results.

X-Smart Pro+ claims to maintain apex locator precision during active shaping by employing Dentsply Sirona’s proprietary Dynamic Accuracy technology. Can you discuss how this technology influences the safety and precision of reaching the apex, especially in comparison with manual files and other endodontic motors in the market?
This technology allows for reliable and direct length determination while shaping using an apex locator as precise as the conventional manual method of measurement. Another important capability is that this integrated apex locator constantly updates the working length, addressing the concern of measuring a working length that is changing throughout the procedure. This makes it easy to keep the file on target while shaping, ensuring safety while going much faster.

To accommodate future treatment options and a wide range of file systems, X-Smart Pro+ is designed with upgradeable firmware. In your opinion, how important is this feature for dental professionals in terms of long-term investment and adapting to evolving endodontic techniques and technologies?
This is very important. The development of files never stands still, as the industry continues to pursue improvements in preparation. The aim is to further increase the success rate of endodontic treatment, which is currently around 90%, depending on the pulpal and periapical conditions of the tooth at the time of treatment.

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