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A look into the Implant Solutions World Summit 2024: Interview with Dr Malene Hallund

Dr Malene Hallund speaking at the Implant Solutions World Summit 2023 in Greece. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)

Thu. 6. June 2024


Dr Malene Hallund is an esteemed oral and maxillofacial surgeon and the visionary owner of the NORD advanced dentistry and oral surgery practice in Copenhagen in Denmark. She is also one of the scientific chairs of Dentsply Sirona’s highly anticipated Implant Solutions World Summit 2024, which will take place from 13 to 15 June in Miami in the US. In this interview, Dr Hallund shares her insights and aspirations and speaks of the transformative impact of collaboration and education in dentistry.

Dr Hallund, what inspired you to become one of the scientific chairs for the Implant Solutions World Summit 2024?
Education has always been at the core of my professional journey. Early on, I was fortunate to have mentors who guided and supported me, shaping my path in implant dentistry. Now, I feel compelled to pay forward the invaluable lessons I have learned. The opportunity to foster knowledge sharing and create a platform for collaboration at an international level at the Implant Solutions World Summit was an irresistible draw. Collaborating with Prof. Lyndon Cooper, whose expertise and inspiration are unparalleled, is truly an honour.

Could you share some insights into the process of selecting speakers and topics?
We aimed to create a programme that resonates with the diverse needs of our audience and reflects the daily work in our clinics. We carefully selected topics that mirror the journey of implant treatment and incorporated interactive forums and expert panels to enhance engagement.

One example is our “The Monday morning patient” session, where we will address different cases, from initial assessment to planning and treatment, that encourage collaborative problem-solving and peer-to-peer learning. The panel of experts on stage and the audience will collaboratively create treatment plans for various “Monday morning cases”—just like we do in our clinics—benefiting from the expertise of the panel. In addition, the hands-on masterclasses will allow participants to delve deeper into specific areas of interest, ensuring a tailored educational experience for each attendee.

We aimed to create a programme that resonates with the diverse needs of our audience and reflects the daily work in our clinics.

How do you plan to keep attendees engaged after the summit to ensure that the knowledge gained and connections made during the event will have a lasting impact?
Our commitment to fostering ongoing learning and collaboration will not end with the summit. We aim to promote a supportive community where knowledge sharing will continue long after the event. I have several international colleagues whom I met through events at Dentsply Sirona, and we continue to share knowledge, challenges and successes long after the programme has ended. We support one another and seek inspiration from one other, and we have become great friends and made connections for life. By providing access to resources, facilitating discussions and nurturing cross-border collegial peer friendships, our goal is to empower attendees to integrate their new-found knowledge into their clinical practice.

What are your main goals for the summit?
It is a unique opportunity to be able to contribute to an event like this, where we will be surrounded by some of our most talented international colleagues within the field of implant dentistry. Through carefully curated sessions and masterclasses, we aim to address the real-world challenges faced in clinical practice. By focusing on topics that reflect the daily realities of our work, we are seeking to empower attendees with practical insights into the latest advancements in implant dentistry. My goal is for every participant to leave the summit feeling revitalised and with new-found skills, professional connections and friendships, and a renewed sense of purpose in his or her clinical endeavours.

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