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DirectaDentalGroup acquires ContacEZ and Sendoline

DirectaDentalGroup currently consists of Directa, Orsing, Topdental (Products) and Parkell and has now welcomed ContacEZ and Sendoline to the family. (Image: metamorworks/Shutterstock)


Wed. 3. March 2021


HELSINGBORG, Sweden: The Swedish manufacturer of dental consumables Directa has announced the acquisition of the US-based manufacturer ContacEZ and the Scandinavian endodontic business Sendoline.

ContacEZ is a leading manufacturer of innovative products designed to achieve ideal proximal contact and complete marginal seating with accurate occlusion, perform safe and stress-free interproximal reduction, remove dangerous subgingival overhangs, and more. ContacEZ is the first and only company focused on developing techniques and solutions for the interproximal space, with the ContacEZ Restorative Strip System being its most well-known and appreciated product worldwide.

Since its successful debut in October 2006, ContacEZ and its founder Dr Daniel Kim have researched, developed, and distributed ingenious solutions to current practice problems, steadily expanding the company’s product line in close cooperation with the dental profession in a way that very much resembles Directa’s philosophy.

Directa’s CEO Henric Karsk said: “DirectaDentalGroup is a fast-growing manufacturing organisation. The acquisition of both Sendoline and ContacEZ last December marks a significative step forward in the group’s strategy to cover more and more segments of the market. Both Sendoline and ContacEZ have solid reputations of researching, developing and distributing innovative dental products to solve current practice problems. These products and the concept mimic how Directa operates and perfectly fit into Directa’s portfolio, strengthening its position as a manufacturer of premium niche dental products.”

Both the ContacEZ and Sendoline products were included in Directa’s product range in January 2021. With the additional products in the portfolio, Directa aims to cover more segments of the market. Notably, the acquisition of Sendoline strengthens the endodontic offering from Directa.

About DirectaDentalGroup

DirectaDentalGroup develops, manufactures and markets a complete line of dental consumables, materials and electronics, making life easier for the dental practitioner and patients. DirectaDentalGroup is highly pro-active on the international dental market with business partnerships in many parts of the world. Directa’s headquarters are in Sweden, and manufacturing and distribution take place globally. There are offices worldwide, and more than 200 employees represent the various brands. DirectaDentalGroup is an innovative player in the global dental arena. The company attends and exhibits at most major international dental events every year and works constantly to create new and successful partnerships all over the world.

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