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Directa’s new cordless Sendoline Endo Motor provides maximum freedom

The Sendoline Endo Motor allows practitioners to customise the motor's settings for more freedom of use. (Image: DirectaDentalGroup)

Wed. 7. September 2022


UPPLANDS VÄSBY, Sweden: Directa unites the latest technology with the simplicity of a pre-set programme to create the Sendoline Endo Motor, a new cordless rechargeable motor for endodontics. The device offers the user the ability to choose his or her own settings and can be used for both rotary and reciprocating endodontic systems—providing maximum flexibility along with freedom of choice for the dentist.

Providing a well-balanced feeling without unnecessary weight, the endodontic motor is ergonomically well adapted. A neat contra-angle head that can rotate 360° provides better and easier access within the mouth, whereas its narrow neck and small head provide perfect visibility.

When paired with Sendoline’s S5 Rotary System, the Sendoline Endo Motor has pre-set programmes for even easier usage. If the choice is made to utilise a reciprocating file system, the correct angles can be set at the touch of a button, and the endodontic motor can be used with Sendoline’s S1 reciprocating system. The motor also has fully open programmes for custom settings.

Elisabet Jakobsson, a product manager at Directa commented on the release and said, “It feels great to be able to offer a new modern endodontic motor that is suitable for Sendoline’s various file systems, whereas the open programmes make the endodontic motor well prepared for the future.”

The endodontic motor also has a built-in apex locator and can be used in three different ways: as an endodontic motor, as an endodontic motor with an apex locator or just as an apex locator.

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