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Orsing switches to exclusive use of fossil-free Hygoformic Bio

The Hygoformic mouldable saliva ejector has been used by dentists all over the world for more than 50 years. It is now available in eco-friendly Green PE. (Image: Orsing)


Mon. 28. December 2020


HELSINGBORG, Sweden: Swedish manufacturer of dental consumables Orsing is actively looking into ways to reduce its share of greenhouse gas emissions and has recently introduced a product line entirely manufactured from renewable resources. Orsing’s eco-line includes the coil design saliva ejector Hygoformic Bio with its Hygoformic Bio Adaptor, the Hygovac Bio and Hygovac Vent Bio aspirator tubes, and the Bio Cup dental cup made of bamboo fibre.

The Hygoformic saliva ejector by Orsing is now made out of bio-based PE derived from sugar cane. (Image: Orsing)

With the intention of leading the change towards replacing fossil-based raw materials with those derived from renewable resources, Orsing has now proudly advanced its environmental commitment by switching the entire production of its most popular item, the Hygoformic, to 100% polyethylene (PE) entirely made from sugar cane (Green PE).

The average dental clinic uses and discards hundreds of essential consumables such as saliva ejectors every day. By using bio-based PE as the raw material, the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere can be decreased, which is a significant factor for our planet and future generations.

All clinics that purchase Orsing’s environmentally friendly products receive a certificate to display in the dental office. (Image: Orsing)

“As a dental manufacturer, we strive to find new, innovative ways to switch to renewable and recyclable materials for our products and packaging while maintaining product safety. Our decision to end all use of fossil-based plastics in the Hygoformic will decrease the output of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by 385 t,” said Henric Karsk, CEO of DirectaDentalGroup.

Orsing is eager to help dental clinics to communicate their environmental choices to their patients. All clinics that purchase Orsing’s environmentally friendly products are automatically certified “Orsing—good environmental choice”. They receive a certificate in their local language to display in the dental office and can apply to be listed as green-certified clinics on Orsing’s website.

Like all Orsing’s Green PE-based consumables, the Hygoformic Bio is packed in home-compostable and biodegradable bioplastic and shipped in Forest Stewardship Council-certified cartons.

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