Exocad Insights 2022: Experience the future of digital dentures

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Exocad Insights 2022: Experience the future of digital dentures

Dr Lori Trost is a comprehensive restorative dentist from the greater St. Louis area in the US with more than three decades of experience. (Image: exocad)

Fri. 30. September 2022


Exocad, an Align Technology company, will host its third exocad Insights event from 3 to 4 October at the Palma Convention Centre in Palma de Mallorca on the Spanish island of Mallorca. At the event, dental industry headliners will present their own restorative cases and share insights with the other dentists, dental technicians and industry partners in attendance. Dr Lori Trost, a comprehensive restorative dentist from the US with more than thirty years of experience, will be delivering a presentation on how dental professionals can learn to love creating dentures for patients. In this interview, she details how digital workflows are improving denture work and why exocad Insights is an event not to be missed.

Dr Trost, what will you be discussing at exocad Insights 2022?
The Insights event is an amazing opportunity to share patient cases with the attendees, show the steps and the digital workflow, and demonstrate the results you can achieve when you lean on technology. I’ll talk specifically about digital dentures and how that process has improved. In the past, there were many hands-on steps for dentures, and the process was laden with inaccuracy issues. Now, with the help of digital technology, we can produce something that’s more accurate and can do so more efficiently. And accuracy in the real world translates into happier patients, fewer adjustments and fewer appointments. We are now able to deliver better results faster and more easily, and patients are thrilled.

Can you share some examples of how your work has improved by using digital workflows?
Last week, I delivered two immediate dentures and saw both patients 24 hours after their operations. Neither needed adjustments. To get those results and to have patients who are that satisfied is amazing. I’m going to share similar experiences at exocad Insights and hopefully build excitement because we’re at the forefront of what’s coming—it will only get better.

Do you have any other advice for colleagues planning to develop their practices?
I believe that it’s such an exciting time to be a dentist now. For instance, in the past 15 to 20 years we’ve had major advances in adhesive dentistry. Almost everyone is now able to do really refined bonding—we’ve mastered that. Now let’s back up and take a look at those patients who need dentures. In the same way that adhesive dentistry has developed, technology is now emerging that will help edentulous patients. I see a lot of excitement with other doctors who support this population of patients, as we can now offer them substantially better care. The possibility of being able to deliver a high-quality product is very motivating.

What do people gain from attending exocad Insights?
Any time that you can gather with colleagues and improve your procedures, knowledge and understanding is valuable. Going to a meeting like this is important because it sets the stage for collaboration across the aisle—by that, I mean collaboration involving laboratories, software platforms and clinical dentistry. It’s a wonderful merging of interests that no other meeting offers right now, and I find it really exciting.

At exocad Insights, you have some of the best minds in our profession coming together and having open conversations. I encourage everyone to take advantage of that and to have one-on-one discussions with peers.

Any final thoughts?
If you’re on the fence about whether you should go or not—take the decision to go! You’ll come away with a great sense of what’s coming in the future. These new developments are going to be a tidal wave that will push dentistry in a great direction.

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