FDI celebrates 120th anniversary

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FDI celebrates 120th anniversary

Since 1900, FDI World Dental Federation has pursued the goal of improving oral health worldwide. (Image: FDI)
FDI World Dental Federation

By FDI World Dental Federation

Tue. 18. August 2020


GENEVA, Switzerland: This past Saturday, 15 August, marked the 120th anniversary of the founding of FDI World Dental Federation (FDI). In celebration of the occasion, FDI President Dr Gerhard K. Seeberger shared an anniversary statement in which he called this milestone a monumental day for FDI and revealed a short preview of an upcoming video that will detail the history and achievements of the organisation.

Since the founding of FDI in Paris in France in 1900, the goal of the organisation has been to share scientific discoveries and ethical values in order to advance better oral health for all. Over the past 12 decades, FDI has evolved to become the largest internationally active dental organisation and represents national dental associations, specialists’ groups and over a million dentists from more than 130 countries.

“FDI has made great strides since Dr Charles Godon founded our organisation in 1900, and we still have work to do. FDI will continue to honour our founder’s legacy by adopting an unwavering focus on improvement and further development of the dental profession,” Seeberger said.

As FDI looks to the future, it will continue to:

  • push for the integration of oral health into universal health coverage commitments;
  • strengthen initiatives calling for the inclusion of comprehensive oral care services at the primary healthcare level in order to improve health outcomes; and
  • leverage World Oral Health Day in order to raise awareness about how oral health conditions are largely preventable and share strategies on how risk factors can be managed to the benefit of general health and well‐being.

In addition, FDI is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the International Dental Journal (IDJ) with a special editorial in the current issue.

Seeberger added: “We saw this as an opportune moment to take stock and reflect on the future of the publication. When devising its plans for the future, FDI Council fully embraced the spirit of the man from which it all began; the man who set out to unify the world of dentistry and share oral health knowledge as broadly as possible—without any borders or barriers.”

Today, the IDJ is committed to advancing scientific knowledge about oral health and disease across the globe, while also addressing the most pressing issues facing the dental profession in the twenty-first century. The IDJ continues to evolve with these goals in mind and plans to help bring FDI closer to its vision of leading the world to optimal oral health.

120 years Anniversary FDI FDI World Dental Federation

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