FDI’s Young Dentists Forum empowers future leaders in dentis

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FDI’s Young Dentists Forum empowers future leaders in dentistry

FDI World Dental Federation

FDI World Dental Federation

Mon. 4. September 2023


SYDNEY, Australia: To engage with aspiring dental professionals and students, FDI has launched the Young Dentists Forum, and the inaugural session will be taking place on 27September at the FDI World Dental Congress. The half-day programme has been thoughtfully tailored to the needs and interests of young dental professionals and students and will feature captivating presentations and a stimulating panel discussion led by distinguished international speakers alongside industry leaders and emerging voices. 

Discussing the forum’s mission, Dr William Cheung, chair of the FDI Education Committee and the visionary behind the initiative, explained: “Our aim is to provide young professionals with a platform where they can learn about the latest developments in dentistry, explore various career paths and foster connections with peers.” By creating a dynamic environment that nurtures the exchange of knowledge and ideas, FDI is demonstrating its dedication to equipping young dentists with the tools they need to excel in their early careers. 

Dr Cheung regards the Young Dentists Forum as more than a mere educational event and emphasised its transformative nature. “It’s a unique opportunity for young dentists to gain invaluable exposure to the inner workings of FDI. Understanding the role of a global organised dentistry body like FDI is vital in shaping the future of our profession. By encouraging active involvement within our organisation, we can collectively address critical issues affecting dentistry worldwide,” Dr Cheung noted.

Understanding the role of a global organised dentistry body like FDI is vital in shaping the future of our profession—Dr William Cheung, FDI

The Young Dentists Forum will play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between experienced professionals and emerging talent in the field, providing them with a common platform to exchange knowledge, ideas and best practices. Specifically, Dr Cheung believes that the event will grant young dental professionals and students direct access to industry leaders and give them the chance to present on an international stage—an experience that can be truly transformative and spark innovative thinking. 

Young dentists are invited to seize the opportunity to learn about the various career paths within dentistry, unlocking a world of possibilities as they pave the way to becoming the next generation of leaders within the field. With engaging presentations and a dynamic panel discussion, the Young Dentists Forum promises to be an inspiring event for young dentists from all regions of the world.

Editorial note:

Learn more about the Young Dentists Forum in this interview with Dr Cheung.

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