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FKG Dentaire – XP-endo Solutions


Since launching its first revolutionary 3-D instrument – the XP-endo Finisher – four years ago, Swiss manufacturer of innovative, high quality endodontic solutions, FKG Dentaire SA, introduces the latest application expansions to its total therapy system: XP-endo Solutions.

XP-endo Solutions comprises two different files: XP-endo Shaper and XP-endo Finisher, that expand at body temperature to achieve safe and easy management of root canal therapy while preserving dentine.

Together with the introduction at IDS 2019 of XP-endo Retreatment, a new clinical sequence focused on more efficient retreatment solutions, XP-endo Solutions delivers a more complete system to both practitioners and patients in initial treatment and retreatment management, requiring fewer files.

A Complete System

XP-endo Shaper, with its snake-like shape, is primarily dedicated to canal shaping. Thanks to its adaptive core and a 1 per cent taper associated to a guiding tip, XP-endo Shaper is able to shape all types of canals with greater safeguarding of the original shape of the root – from regular structures to the most complex. The XP-endo Retreatment clinical sequence utilizes XP-endo Shaper that acts like a corkscrew to remove filling material from the canal with extreme precision and efficiency.

XP-endo Finisher is designed to provide optimal expansion properties through a minimalistic design that ensures smooth and extraordinary, efficient cleaning capabilities of root canal walls.

XP-endo Finisher is available in two sizes: ISO 025 and ISO 030 (Finisher R), both with a 0 per cent taper. The 2 instruments can clean canal walls, with the Finisher R (Reinforced) dedicated to retreatment cases and the smaller version (Finisher) intended for initial treatment use.

 XP-endo Solutions is by far the most complete system available for 3-D endodontics today

offering highly adaptive, less invasive treatment solutions with less files... Endo Done!


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