FKG Dentaire – XP-endo Finisher R

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FKG Dentaire – XP-endo Finisher R



In the initial treatment, root filling materials are forced into the canal irregularities. These materials shield microbial infection that should be removed in order to effectively disinfect the canal. Standard NiTi files cannot remove these materials and bacteria particularly if there is a curvature in the canal.

Based on the shape-memory principles of the alloy MaxWire and thanks to his flexibility, the XP-endo Finisher R has the ability to expand and contract with an improved reach of 6 mm in diameter or 100-fold compared to a standard instrument of the same size. Its capacity to expand and its sickle shape allows it to access and clean areas previously impossible to reach.

The XP-endo Finisher R has a core diameter larger (ISO 30) than the XP-endo Finisher (ISO 25), making it slightly stiffer and also more efficient in removing root fillings materials adhering to the canal walls, especially in the curvature or oval areas.

Thanks to its small core size and its zero taper, the file benefits from incredible flexibility and show unparalleled resistance to cyclic fatigue. It can then contact and scrape the dentine surface and/or the root filling material without changing the original shape of the canal. This universal instrument should be used following any retreatment case of diameter ISO 30 or more.


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