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New free webinar: Gain confidence in using lithium disilicate

In an upcoming webinar, an expert will educate participants on the latest advancements in chairside workflows and materials. (Image: HASS)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Thu. 25. August 2022


Boasting more than two decades of practical knowledge in cosmetic and general dentistry, Dr Yao-lin Tang runs a successful practice in California in the US and is a mentor for continuing education provider CDOCS, and a lecturer for GC America, GC Taiwan, Vita North America, and HASSBIO. On Sunday, 4 September, at 6 p.m. CEST, he will be holding a free webinar sponsored by dental manufacturer HASSBIO and hosted by the DT Study Club, titled “Achieve true 1-hour single visits with lithium disilicate restorations”. Dental Tribune International spoke with Dr Tang about what participants can expect.

Dr Tang, what are some common issues that clinicians run into while trying to provide speedy chairside restorations?
Currently, the most challenging part of achieving a speedy chairside restoration is the time needed for the machine to mill the restoration and the time the restoration needs to be in the furnace. Firing results are not always predictably consistent, and the fit of the restoration after milling isn’t always as good as it could be either.

Dr Yao-lin Tang is a distinguished expert in restorative dentistry. (Image: Yao-lin Tang)

What do you plan to be the key takeaways for viewers of your webinar?
Viewers will be able to deliver chairside direct restorations of lithium disilicate within an hour with very predictable results and without a furnace!

What advancements in technology or materials have been helpful or even game-changing for your work?
Advances in technology, like CBCT, chairside CAD/CAM and 3D printing, have definitely played a very important role in taking dentistry a big step forward. For example, we can now create our own surgical guides and either print or mill them on our own machines. As for chairside CAD/CAM dentistry, there are so many different types of materials available, offering a wide range of strengths, but one of the biggest game-changers is the new material that we are going to talk about during the webinar: Amber Mill Direct lithium disilicate. With lithium disilicate, we can get very good strength even without firing.

Lithium disilicate has been available in CAD/CAM dentistry for at least 15 years, but the need for firing has slowed chairside restoration, making it difficult to deliver in an hour. In my practice, it took me up to 2 hours, but with the new materials, restorations can finally be completed within an hour.

What recommendations would you offer to practitioners who aren’t sure about switching to a new product or changing their workflow?
I started performing CAD/CAM dentistry in 2005, and in the beginning, it was really difficult. Back then, the software and technology were not as straightforward and easy to utilise as they are today. Regular dentists who haven’t yet gotten into CAD/CAM dentistry will find it easier thanks to all of the online continuing education that is available on various platforms, making it easier to learn about the latest technology and adapt to the newest trends.

Could you offer some added insights for potential webinar viewers about why they should tune in on 4 September?
The new Amber Mill Direct block featured during the webinar is so much easier to use as a material and doesn’t leave you guessing each time how your lithium disilicate is going to come out of the furnace. The participants will gain more confidence with choosing lithium disilicate for their indirect chairside restorations.

Editorial note:

Those interested in attending can register free here. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and to earn a continuing education credit.

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