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PrograWorld: Ivoclar prepares dental laboratories for the digital future

To encourage dental laboratories and support them in integrating digital dentistry into their workflows, Ivoclar now offers a practical guide and a return on investment calculator. (Image: Ivoclar)

Tue. 14. November 2023


SCHAAN, Liechtenstein: Digital dentistry is on the rise. Advanced digital workflows, encompassing digital impression taking, treatment planning and automated production, enable dental laboratories to work more efficiently and cost-effectively. The Ivoclar Group is a global pioneer in the development of synergistic dental systems. The company is one of the world’s leading suppliers of integrated solutions for high-quality dental applications, offering an extensive portfolio of products and systems, including a wide range of digital workflows that are designed to make the work of dentists, dental technicians and dental hygienists easier.

The workflows, which are based on the expertise Ivoclar has gained over its 100 years of existence, comprise state-of-the-art technology, high-quality materials and perfectly synchronised processes. Now, Ivoclar also offers a practical guide and a return on investment calculator, which are intended to inspire, motivate and guide interested dental laboratories and help them prepare for the digital future.

Digital workflows—dental laboratories prepare themselves for the future

As the importance of digital transformation continues to grow, the dental industry is undergoing a profound change. Advanced digital workflows that incorporate many different work aspects, such as digitalisation, planning, production, design and process automation, make many steps faster and more efficient.

Digital transformation also has an impact on dental laboratories. Digital methods significantly reduce uncertainty in dental laboratory processes. Furthermore, they increase accuracy, precision, productivity and reproducibility. The digital workflows of Ivoclar allow precision craftsmanship to be combined with digital production processes. In support of laboratories at various stages of digital transformation, the company offers advanced future-proof solutions for both beginners and experts.

Going digital in the dental laboratory will influence contemporary dentistry and will provide laboratories with major advantages. The wide variety of digital equipment designed by Ivoclar for maximum flexibility and efficiency includes high-performance scanners such as PrograScan PS7, milling machines such as PrograMill PM7 and sintering furnaces for zirconia such as Programat S2.

Increasing laboratory efficiency with digital workflows

Most investment evaluations focus on the initial costs. However, in the context of investing in state-of-the-art technology, software and materials for a dental laboratory, a broader view must be taken. Investing in a digital dental laboratory solution involves more than just learning how to use new products and connecting them. Rather, it is important to develop a finely tuned overall system in which all the components within the integrated workflows work together smoothly to increase the laboratory’s performance, efficiency and quality. One way of ensuring the acquisition of a coordinated system of this kind is by choosing a complete solution or several individual solutions from one manufacturer.

Making a list of important criteria helps the decision-making process

Apart from looking at the overall wide-ranging benefits of integrated workflows, it is important to evaluate the individual products. The different products all contribute to the efficiency of the entire workflow and can have a positive influence on laboratory costs by reducing redundancy and the time required for carrying out manual steps. Before integrating a product into a digital process, laboratories should identify the criteria that are most important for their specific situation. For example, when selecting a suitable milling machine, aspects such as autonomous operation, speed, throughput, high-quality results, user friendliness and the validation of CAD and CAM software must be carefully assessed.

Additional support: From features to profits guide from Ivoclar

To help interested dental laboratories start their digital transformation process, Ivoclar has created a practical guide, titled From features to profits. The guide is intended to help dental laboratories make informed investment decisions in the future and provides information about the criteria that need to be considered while preparing to go digital.

More information about the company can be found here.

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