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Ivoclar starts new year with fresh visual branding

The Ivoclar Group is underscoring its move into a modern and even more customer-oriented age with a new logo and a visual identity that has been reduced to the essentials. (Image: stoatphoto/Shutterstock)

Tue. 18. January 2022


For the Ivoclar Group, a leading dental provider offering integrated and comprehensive solutions, values, convictions and a progressive, customer-oriented corporate culture are the basis of its strong brand. For almost 100 years, the company, headquartered in Schaan in Liechtenstein, has been shaping the dental market with its product innovations and industry-leading achievements.

Working with dental professionals to give people around the world healthy and beautiful smiles is the company’s stated mission. Starting in 2021, Ivoclar has begun to evolve its focus through targeted activities that are even more strongly focused on the needs of the customer. In order to visually underline its new departure into a customer-oriented, modern and innovative age, Ivoclar is starting the new year with a fresh appearance and an adapted logo. The most important change is that “Vivadent” in the brand name and logo has been dropped, as have some additional visual elements, reflecting in the logo the company’s clear focus on the essentials.

The brand as a guiding principle

With its focus on putting people at the centre of its activities, Ivoclar underpins its claim to make the workflows in the daily work of dental technicians and dentists easier and more efficient and likewise to make the patient experience as pleasant and personal as possible. The brand image is a first point of contact with the company. This is precisely why it is so important that the brand’s appearance also conveys its mission statement and reflects its realised innovative strength. At Ivoclar, the external understanding of the brand rests on three supporting pillars:

  • Partnership and customer

People are the focus of the company’s daily activities. The brand stands out with a straightforward design and consistent communication to the customer.

  • Innovation and technology

Ivoclar stands for progress through technological innovation, in fulfilling the company’s mission of “Making People Smile”. Innovation, progress, and continuous research and development, based on the needs of customers, ensure the ongoing success of tomorrow. With innovative products and services, Ivoclar not only makes dental technicians’ and dentists’ workflows easier and more efficient, but also enhances the patient experience.

  • Family and friends

The Ivoclar Group is a family-owned company with heart and soul. Reliability, transparency and communication at eye level are the basis of a good partnership—whether with customers, employees or patients, who are all considered part of the Ivoclar family.

Focus on the essentials—the new look

(Logo: Ivoclar)

Ivoclar already debuted its modern, fresh design last year with its new website, during its Live Experience Tour 2021 and in other communication areas. The reduction to the essentials and the use of lifestyle-oriented, emotional visual language that puts people in the foreground contribute directly to the mission of “Making People Smile”. It is only logical that the logo has now also been redesigned. The most striking feature is the reduction of the brand name to its essential component: “Ivoclar Vivadent” has become “Ivoclar”. Even here, the consistent orientation towards the customer is evident, many of Ivoclar’s business partners having long since dispensed with “Vivadent” in their daily usage.

“With our long-standing tradition, our pioneering achievements and our constant innovation, we can rely on a strong corporate brand as a foundation,” explained Diego Gabathuler, CEO of the Ivoclar Group. “Nevertheless, I am convinced that there is still a lot of unused potential for us here, which we want to fully exploit in the future. A clearly structured positioning, which is also expressed in the visual appearance, is particularly important with regard to a future-oriented alignment of the company, which leads to the innovation that places our customers and their patients at the centre of our actions and activities. For us, this is not just a matter of giving our logo some tweaks. Rather, the new corporate identity with its clear, reduced and focused visual language represents everything that our brand understanding stands for,” he continued.

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