Ivoclar – IPS e.max CAD

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Ivoclar – IPS e.max CAD


Both its esthetic properties and durability have been confirmed by everyday clinical practice.


"Blue" restorations can either be:

  • polished and then crystallized
  • glazed and crystallized in a single step
  • stained, glazed and crystallized in a single step


  • Minimally invasive crowns (1 mm)³
  • Crowns
  • Three-unit bridges (up to the second premolar as the terminal abutment)
  • Veneers, thin veneers (0.4 mm) and occlusal veneers
  • Inlays, onlays, partial crowns


  • Excellent esthetics and high strength of 530 MPa2, efficiently created in the dental practice
  • Broad range of indications for your chairside CAD/CAM system
  • Minimally invasive crown preparation, adhesively cemented
  • Clinical long-term success and scientifically documented results


¹ Based on sales figures
² Average biaxial flexural strength, measured over 10 years, R&D Ivoclar Vivadent, Schaan, Liechtenstein
³ On the basis of long-term clinical evidence and the material's high strength, the fabrication of crowns with a minimum thickness of 1 mm is allowed if an adhesive cementation technique is used.