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Kuraray Noritake Dental launches PANAVIA Veneer LC

PANAVIA Veneer LC leaves nothing to be desired for aesthetic, accurate and efficient veneer placement. (Image: Kuraray Noritake Dental)

Mon. 30. May 2022


HATTERSHEIM AM MAIN, Germany: Veneer treatment can be challenging. The aesthetic expectations of patients opting for veneers are extraordinarily high. It is difficult to handle and seat extremely thin restorations, and adhesion needs to be excellent owing to their non-retentive design. In order to meet patient expectations and provide reliable, long-term performance, it is essential to select not only an appropriate restorative material but also an aesthetic, easy-to-handle, high-performance cementation system. The new PANAVIA Veneer LC from Kuraray Noritake Dental consisting of PANAVIA V5 Tooth Primer, PANAVIA Veneer LC Paste and CLEARFIL CERAMIC PRIMER PLUS offers exactly this.

PANAVIA Veneer LC supports highly aesthetic outcomes in many ways. Available in four different shades with matching try-in pastes, it allows dental professionals to consider individual requirements and simulate the outcome. The material’s flowability, paired with a minimal film layer, facilitates seating and supports highly aesthetic margins. The great colour stability, polishability and polish retention of PANAVIA Veneer LC mean that margins will remain largely undetectable over time.

The adhesive is available in a range of shades. (Image: Kuraray Noritake Dental)

To keep the working field clean and dry during veneer cementation and to simplify the procedure, a simultaneous placement technique is recommended. PANAVIA Veneer LC is ideally designed for this technique since it offers a working time of 200 seconds.* Hence, multiple veneers may be placed at once without the clinician having to race against the setting reaction. The time and effort involved in veneer placement is further reduced by PANAVIA Veneer LC’s non-stickiness, easy excess removal and an ideal consistency which prevents drifting or sagging.

Strong, durable bonds to tooth structures are obtained by means of the integration of Kuraray Noritake Dental’s touch-cure technology. This initiates polymerisation at the adhesive interface as soon as PANAVIA Veneer LC Paste is applied to PANAVIA V5 Tooth Primer but does not affect the setting reaction of the cement. In this way, the tooth–adhesive interface is sealed securely without reducing working time. A reliable bond to restorative materials is further obtained through use of the proven CLEARFIL CERAMIC PRIMER PLUS.

Equipped with this combination of innovative and proven features, PANAVIA Veneer LC leaves nothing to be desired for aesthetic, accurate and efficient veneer placement. More information about PANAVIA Veneer LC and the whole family of high-performance resin cements is available online at www.kuraraynoritake.eu.

Editorial note:

* Working time under ambient light (8,000 lux).

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