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“Digitalisation, also in dentistry, is unstoppable and brings with it many advantages”

At the Neoss Integrate online 24-hour symposium on 15 November, Dr Fabia Flensberg will discuss the role of digital workflows in implant prosthetics. (Image: Fabia Flensberg)

Since 2017, Dr Fabia Flensberg has worked as a dentist at Dentalzentrum Essen in the Elizabeth Hospital Essen in Germany. Her work focuses on aesthetic dentistry, implantology, sports dentistry and also digital dentistry, which involves implementing scanning systems and digital workflows into dental practice. In line with her role as an international speaker on implantology and digital dentistry, Dr Flensberg will be part of the Neoss Integrate online 24-hour symposium, which is scheduled for 15 November. In the run-up to the event, Dental Tribune International spoke with Dr Flensberg about what attendees can expect from her presentation, titled “Digital workflows in implant dentistry”.

Dr Flensberg, in your webinar on 15 November, you will focus on digital workflows in implant prosthetics. Why did you choose this specific topic, and what has been your experience with going digital?
Digital dentistry is a current topic that interests many dental professionals. Digitalisation, also in dentistry, is unstoppable and brings with it many advantages and new opportunities. Owing to the rapid development of technology, many dental professionals are wondering what would be the best time to go digital. I would say that for everyone who wants to keep up with modern dentistry, there is no better time than now to embrace the digital workflow and enjoy its benefits. To that end, my webinar is designed to inspire dental professionals and to get them excited about digital workflows.

The digital workflow offers a great number of advantages, and it is impossible to imagine my daily work routine without it. Above all, it benefits the patient in terms of treatment comfort and quality. In addition, the entire practice workflow is optimised, which reduces time and costs.

What new and exciting possibilities does the use of a digital workflow offer to dental professionals, and are there any cases in which you would advise dental professionals against going digital?
The list of new possibilities offered by the digital workflow is indeed very long. The advantages of the digital workflow, such as increased patient comfort, maximised time efficiency, cost reduction, optimised practice workflow, increased precision, more sustainability and innovative diagnostics and therapy options are explained in detail in my webinar.

The digital workflow is not used for removable prostheses. However, this situation could change soon, given the rapid development of digital dentistry.

How important is it to choose a suitable intra-oral scanner for a smooth digital experience, and what should dental professionals consider before purchasing one?
Before buying an intra-oral scanner, one should try it out, for example at dental shows or possibly for a certain time in one’s own practice. It is also important to be well informed about the costs involved. This includes checking whether there are any annual fees. Additionally, it is useful to know whether the data from the intra-oral scanner can be sent anywhere or whether it is a closed system. Finally, many intra-oral scanners have additional tools, such as those that make it possible to work chairside or to record dynamic occlusion, and these should be taken into consideration.

Healing abutments with ScanPeg have contributed greatly to advances in the digital workflow in implant dentistry. What are some of the key benefits of using this system?
The aesthetic healing abutment with ScanPeg is a major milestone for the digital workflow, combining higher patient comfort, increased efficiency, undisturbed healing and better aesthetics and function.

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