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NeoScan 1000: New easy-to-use intra-oral scanner now available to purchase

The new Neoss Scan 1000 comes at a very affordable price. (Image: Neoss)

Mon. 12. September 2022


GOTHENBURG, Sweden: At Neoss Integrate 2022 in June in Gothenburg in Sweden, Neoss Group launched its new easy-to-use intra-oral scanner, the NeoScan 1000, which quickly became a favourite among everyone testing it. Now, the intra-oral scanner is available for all dental professionals to purchase from the Neoss online store and from local sales professionals or customer services.

“Finally, we can share the NeoScan 1000 with the full dental community. The positive feedback from our users has been exceptional. While I knew it was good, the feedback has confirmed it is even better. This intra-oral scanner will make it possible for more dental professionals to afford to do digital impressions, saving many patients from the trauma of a traditional impression,” said Dr Robert Gottlander, CEO and president of Neoss Group.

This easy-to-use, accurate, compact and lightweight intra-oral scanner enables a flexible workflow with open files, making the output very easy to share among the dental team. With an easy USB cable connection and full touch screen support, the NeoScan 1000 will excite dental professionals alike—and it comes at a very affordable price!

“The NeoScan 1000 is a revelation. At this price, why wouldn’t anyone add this scanner to his or her office technology? Providing an easy scanning system with cloud storage in a lightweight and transportable package, this makes total sense for first-time users or someone who wants to add another scanner to his or her armamentarium,” commented Dr Robert Ritter, a dentist based in Florida in the US.

More information about the NeoScan 1000 and its benefits for dental professionals and their patients can be found at www.neoss.com/neoscan1000.

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