Nobel Biocare – creos mucogain

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Nobel Biocare – creos mucogain


A natural collagen matrix for soft-tissue regeneration.

Substitutes the need for a second surgical site

Avoids the associated post-operative pain, bleeding, swelling and infection.

Patented method – open interconnecting porous structure

creos mucogain is designed to promote soft-tissue regeneration through the migration of cells and blood vessels into the matrix.


  • FlexibilityA choice of different sizes and thicknesses. Designed to replace autologous graft material in several indications.
  • Mechanical strength
    Memory effect: after hydration and handling simulations in-vitro, the graft retains its initial volume. creos mucogain shows high suture retention and stress resistance.
  • Excellent handlingUse straight from the box. Trim to precisely fit the surgical site.
  • Clinically effective in combination with immediate implant placement and bone grafting
  • Suture pull-out strength sufficient for tunneling technique
  • When hydrated, the initial volume is maintained after repeated compression

creos mucogain Instructions For Use

Important information on, and instructions for, creos mucogain.

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