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Complete dental solutions provider Osstem Implant joins AEEDC

Osstem Implant is showcasing its products and technologies at AEEDC Dubai 2024, including the K5 dental chair unit and T2 CBCT unit. (All images: Osstem Implant)

Tue. 6. February 2024


DUBAI, UAE: At AEEDC Dubai 2024, Osstem Implant, a major competitor in the global dental industry, is offering attendees an opportunity to explore its range of dental solutions through informative on-site events. The company is showcasing key products like the K5 dental chair unit and T2 CBCT unit, both incorporating cutting-edge technologies, and is providing comprehensive explanations and guided product experience programmes during the three-day event.

The K5, which was introduced at the International Dental Show in Germany in 2023, features a slim back-rest design to minimise knee interference, a seat tilting function for precise therapy and adjustable angles on the handpiece holder for improved treatment efficiency. The T2, known for its diverse scanning functions and high-definition image quality, will be utilised to provide visitors with a first-hand experience of the implant placement planning process based on CBCT data. Implant and digital training spaces are available.

Visitors can explore Osstem’s TSIII SA and TSIII SOI implants, developed for enhanced blood clot formation and osseointegration. Specialised kits such as the 122 Taper Kit, 485 Kit and Esset Kit, catering to various dental procedures, are on display.

Moreover, the Medit i700 intra-oral scanner, facilitating a transition to a digital workflow; the OneGuide KIT for digitally guided procedures; the OneCAS KIT for safe maxillary sinus surgery; A-Oss and other bone grafting materials enhancing the success rate of implant surgery; and essential dental materials like the OssMem membrane can be viewed at the company’s booth.

Additionally, visitors can take and print complimentary photographs at the photograph zone to commemorate their visit to Osstem’s booth (#4F10) at AEEDC.

Osstem’s 2022 total revenue of KRW 1.05 trillion (€754 million, based on 16 March 2023 exchange rates) represented a 27.8% increase compared with the previous year. Its operating profit for 2022 increased by 63.7%, amounting to KRW 234.5 billion. According to the company, its sales and operating profit increased by 14.9% and 24.9%, respectively, in the third quarter of 2023. With nearly 70% of sales from overseas markets, Osstem exports its products to 92 countries worldwide. Recently, Osstem entered into a collaboration with the Saudi Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources and signed a memorandum of understanding for various initiatives, reflecting its commitment to international partnerships and advancements in the dental industry.

More information about Osstem can be found at en.osstem.com.

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