Doctor’s Tip—new approach to free online education

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Doctor’s Tip—new approach to free online education

On 29 June, well-known Swiss dentist Dr Nicolas Widmer demonstrated the use of Osstem’s Crestal Approach Sinus-Kit in an online presentation. The lecture can be watched on demand on the AIC Europe online platform. (Image: Osstem Implant)

Mon. 12. July 2021


ESCHBORN, Germany: Online education has seen an uptick in recent years and gained particular relevance in light of the ongoing global pandemic. Owing to its convenience and ease of access, e-learning will further flourish in the future. Through its AIC Europe online platform, Osstem Implant offers dental professionals a variety of free online courses focusing on the use of its products in daily practice. Instead of theory only, the lecturers present practical aspects and share knowledge and experience with the participants.

Online learning has boomed during the pandemic

Over the past few months, in which in-person educational events were largely restricted, the demand for online training and digital networking opportunities increased. In response, Osstem launched the AIC Europe online platform for its online scientific community in order to offer a variety of clinical training programmes, free-of-charge on-demand videos, livestreamed content, clinical research articles, clinical reports and networking opportunities.

Focus on the product in practice

One of the new programmes on AIC Europe is Doctor’s Tip, which is a series of hands-on online lectures about Osstem’s product portfolio. The first session of the new programme, titled “How to use 122 taper kit”, was broadcast in March. In the lecture, Dr Nicolas Widmer from Switzerland, who specialises in digital guided surgery and guided bone regeneration and is a key opinion leader for Osstem, explained the key features and highlights of the company’s basic surgery kit for tapered implants.

In contrast to theory-only lecture programmes, the new programme focuses more on the use of the product in daily practice. Dental professionals get a detailed demonstration by an experienced specialist that will help them understand the peculiarities of the products and the benefits for their daily work.

English and German sessions are planned

The second Doctor’s Tip session covered Osstem’s Crestal Approach Sinus-Kit for risk-free and simple crestal approach sinus surgery and was broadcast at the end of June on AIC Europe. You can watch the video below.

Two further sessions are already planned for the second half of this year. These will be available in English and German.

More information about past and upcoming courses can be found on the AIC Europe website.

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